Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Birthday Month!!!

If you want to see Rose's Birthday'll have to wait (or skip down to the bottom!)

We started out the month with another favorite day of Rose's: April Fools Day! She was excited for pranks as she has developed a strong interest in YouTube video's involving pranks. I think mommy and daddy did a pretty good job :)

Jell-O for juice and frozen cereal!

Even the chickens had a prank for Rose!

Our first Sunday Funday Rose and I headed to the Lehigh Zoo while Justin worked on yard projects...poor daddy :(

We also took some babies with us!

We did come back home to take daddy out for a yummy dinner.

The next family Sunday we made a trip to Crayola and we had such a great time!

It was extra fun in matching mommy-daughter dresses :)

We also made sure to take Justin out for another good dinner and a few beers ;)

Rose participated in a couple egg hunts and was happily able to restock her candy supply!

 We also dyed our own sparkly eggs

And made homemade peanut butter eggs!

Easter was a great day with lots of eggs and family!

We sent Rose on a hunt to find her Easter basket! She loved the clues and knew them all; running all around the house and even outside before finding her basket :)

Rose even helped make baskets for mommy and daddy!

Nana and Pop had another egg hunt for Rose..

And then a whole bag of treats!

Rose played with some of her new Lego's with daddy and Uncle Josh after Easter dinner

And was able to dye more eggs!

In between family fun activities, Rose has kept up the fun too!

When it got SUPER hot we hosed the trampoline and then jumped on it ;)

 We started our garden from seeds this year and things are growing :)

Rose could not have been any happier to take along all her 'sisters' on our trips

Playing doctor and hanging out with Lily are always great ways to play

And trips to the park are a must!

FINALLY it was Birthday Surprise time...

Justin and I planned taking Rose on her first airplane ride and booked our trip back in January...keeping a secret is not easy! We picked Denver for a couple reasons: I wanted to see the Rockies, Justin likes beer, and Rose wanted to fly! 

We had a small party with family on Sunday to make the big reveal:

Rose picked a HUGE donut over a cake this year, there were no complaints :)

Rose opened her gift from Mommy and Daddy: 
New carry-on luggage with boarding passes

Rose was nervous at takeoff, but LOVED every part of flying and was an awesome traveler!

She loved all the escalators, people movers, trains, and everything!

We found a Five Guys in Denver for Rose's final meal as a 5 year old :)

Monday was all about fun things to celebrate Rose's birthday.
We started at the Denver Children's Museum which was awesome!
Rose loved the Vet Clinic


Giant Bubble maker

They also had a kitchen and we made tofu pudding...that was not a hit ;(

We found a fun 50's diner for lunch and they made Rose her own hat and sang to her :)

We spent the afternoon in the Butterfly Pavilion where there were actually lots of invertebrates :)

Rose loved all the butterflies and got to watch new ones being released.

She held Rosie the tarantula, because when you turn 6 you are fearless!

And horseshoe crabs and starfish

We went to Casa Bonita for dinner. The food was ok, but where else do you see divers at dinner!?

Tuesday was Rocky Mountain day! So spring is not the best time to visit to drive up to peaks or take trails, but the views are beautiful and we had a great time!

We did not see any bears...

 BUT we did see a moose which Rose named Twinkle!

It snowed! there are some little white flurries in this picture, look close!

After we got back Rose was intent on enjoying all her new birthday gifts (dress from Nana and baby carrier from Aunt Kate)

We also celebrated Justin's birthday with his requested cheesecake!

Whew another birthday month in the books! Now what to do next year....