Monday, November 24, 2014

A day late...

As you'll see from our pictures this week, we've had to move our activities inside...Rose has not done this willingly, but I've been sick and it's just too cold!

As usual our play has involved babies...if you've read this blog only a few times you must have known by now that's what Rose loves!
So we took them shopping...

Had a tea party with them for their birthday's...

Baked them a cake and then did the dishes...

Rose did have her own snack...daddy ok'd this ;)

And helped mommy make some yummy homemade whipped cream too! If you've never tried it, just get heavy whipping cream and whip! (but not too much or you'll end up with butter, that's what my mom told me...)

Thursday was a sick day for mommy ;( but getting to spend any extra day with my girl was the best medicine. Rose went with me to the dr and took great care of me all day. She thought cupcakes would make me feel better, so cupcakes were made!

She also thought some fresh air and sunshine would help mommy!

And playtime, we had lots a playtime, to take mommy's mind off being sick.

Friday more play time! I'm not sure if Rose will remember all the awesomeness of her childhood, but I will!

Saturday Rose woke up with a runny nose, luckily when we were at the doctor's together on Thursday he said this was very likely and just to call him and he'd get her started on something too. So that's what we did!
Saturday Rose had nap at grandpa's followed by a haircut! I did not intend on Rose having bangs, until she could request them on her own, but this girl hates hair clips and we gave it a try.

Luckily, Justin said Rose said she: 'loves loves loves bangs' and 'look how cute'.

 Sunday was our day together and I think between our cold's and the medication, Rose and I were both a little loopy...well mostly her and boy were Justin and I exhausted trying to keep up with our sick little girl!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

New and Old, Ups and Downs...

This week was a mix of some old stuff, some new stuff along with ups and here's how it went!

Rose has kind of been in a special mood when it comes to being around other kiddos...and by special I mean she avoids them and clings to her parent as if her little life depends on it! I am telling myself this is only a phase and hopefully a short one, because usually Rose is pretty good around other children. At the bounce house last Sunday, at the park on Monday, and at dance class Tuesday she wanted nothing to do with being around other kids to the point of crying and missing dance class :(

Mostly though, except for deciding to wake up before 7am every morning it has been a fun week!
Monday after playing inside for a bit we were able to enjoy some of the nice weather and head to 2 parks...

Rose was so happy that we found the ducks at the park and they had not left yet ;)

Justin has been busy building this dollhouse for Rose, we still have a lot of work to finish it up, but we let her play with it a bit because it is so cool! (maybe it will be all done and under the Christmas tree...maybe)

Rose took a picture of mommy and daddy playing with her dollhouse too!

Tuesday was lots more baby playing! I know I have said it a million times, but this kid just amazes me with her baby play schemes! And although she has about 10 baby dolls the two cheapo Target dolls are her favorites...go figure!

Oh, and something new...I found a great deal on this mailbox and Rose loves sending mail to her babies :)

Oh! and Rose and mommy both got new robes...tis the season for warm fuzzyiness!

Rose has also gotten very accurate with her hopefully she doesn't decide to trim her hair.

Wednesday I was at a training all day and by the time I picked up Rose from her grandparent's and we got home I was exhausted...which explains how Rose ended up with a bowl of just marshmallows!

 We did also get outside to play for just a bit before it got REALLY cold outside :(

On Thursday we bundled up and headed to Rose's riding lesson. We finally got some riding pants that fit Rose which makes her look just even more adorable!

After Rose rode we went inside to warm up and visit cousin Trip. Rose LOVES LOVES LOVES her little cousin who will probably be bigger than her in a few months! Since our visit Rose has told everyone that she got to change 2 diapers, feed him peaches, and push him...she was in baby heaven!

I think Friday was my favorite day of the week. Rose and I just had fun together with no real agenda or plans.

Then when Nana arrived the real fun began...and by real fun I mean mess. Sorry Nana, Justin said this was one of the worst weeks ever ;)

 Saturday we all went to the farmer's market together for the first time in months and then Rose bundled up to play outside a little bit with her babies. It was not near as warm as the beginning of the week...brrrr!

Sunday Rose finally got to enter her yearly horse show...nothing like waiting till the last one of the season in the frigid cold to ride! I lead Rose and Elfie (by far the cutest little pair) in 3 different events and Rose got a ribbon (2 thirds and a fifth) in all her events (there were up to 6 kids in some of the events and everyone got a ribbon, that's the best way to do it)!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Fall is in the air!

When you start off the week painting it has to be a good week, right? Right! 
Rose has not tired of painting the pumpkins...I have offered to let her paint other things, but she insists on the pumpkins.

We also enjoyed daddy's new pole barn since he didn't get his final occupancy inspection until later on Monday so he couldn't fill it with his junk...I mean wonderful car stuff yet.

Yes, this really happened. I ran into the house for a few minutes and this is what I found :) Love her!

And a day is not over until we play with babies. Isn't daddy such a good diaper changer? He's had a bit of practice ;)

And then Rose decided she was going to HAVE a baby, so it had to stay in her PJ's until she was ready for the baby.

Tuesday we started off our day voting and we took the babies too! Rose loved voting so much, so she went again with Justin that evening (apparently she remembered who mommy voted for and had daddy choose the same people! good girl!)

We also got to play at the local playground, which to Rose's delight was covered in leaves!

And this happened again :)

Look at the yummy lunch Rose gets when mommy is home!

Wednesday Rose woke up insisting on 'crafts' so mommy obliged her!

We made some cute little weather sticks for Rose to describe the weather outside...soon we'll have to make a snowy one, ahhhh!

We also bundled up and headed to 'grandma's playground' before I had to drop Rose off. I love that we live where there are so many really nice playgrounds for Rose to enjoy.

Thursday was a bit of a blah day, with the cold and rainy weather outside we were stuck inside, which doesn't slow down Rose one just makes my house look like a tornado has come through!

I did have to put an end to 'cat squishing' Rose really thought Meow would enjoy it...Meow, not so much!

Rose has also completely mastered the front roll in dance class and is now busy teaching her babies how to do it also.

Friday was a pretty good day, I was home sick, but Rose still played A LOT with nana. This kiddo has the most amazing pretend play skills. She packed up her babies in 'car seats' and placed them under the table which was her 'bus' and then drove them to school! Ah, melts my heart :)

Saturday morning Rose decided to be helpful by cleaning up the dishes...

Sunday Rose and mommy went to a Bounce house while daddy worked on the house.

Then daddy met us for frozen yogurt at YoGo Crazy.