Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ready for Vacation!!!!

It was a busy week, but we had lots of fun and are ready for more fun as we head to the beach for the week!

Rose had her first dance class on Tuesday and she LOVED it J She is actually taking a class with the same instructor I had for several years. It is a class of 10 little girls who all look so cute in their dance leotards and tutu’s and there are also two assistant teachers along with the instructor. She’s missing this week due to our beach trip and then Tuesday’s will be dance day!
I wanted one of those cute ‘first day of school’ type pictures, Rose was not so interested.

We also got a riding lesson in this week. Due to Rose’s instructor breaking her ankle and having a cast, she was out of commission for a few weeks. She is back to teaching, but I got to lead Rose around the ring, including some jogging when Rose wanted to trot J

Justin also put some finishing touches on our master bathroom this weekend. I saw some ideas on Pinterest (if you don’t know what that is, don’t ask because once you start it will consume copious amounts of your time) about jewelry stations and decided to have Justin make something up for me…he was thrilled ;) Anyway it turned out perfect! I love having everything ready to put on and right next to the mirror. The dishes are a mix of Fiestaware (which is all throughout our home with another stash still at my mom’s) and two glass dishes that are from my grandmother.

I also thought it was pretty cleaver to use more Fiesta mugs to hold the cotton balls and q-tip. Now to figure out where to put all the rest of the Fiesta…  

Oh, and we also picked some of Rose’s sunflowers and flowers from my flower beds and have been enjoying fresh flowers in the home.

As always, Rose was busy playing this week with trains, babies, and we also got out her very own Fiesta tea set from Nana. Nana had gotten this for Rose over a year ago, but I only got it out this week for her.

Due to a mishap in grandma’s garden Rose got a pumpkin a bit early this year. She knew exactly what she wanted to do with it…PAINT! So here’s our first pumpkin painting of the season J

AND we have officially started BEACH WEEK 2014!!!
Here are just a few pictures of our week so far...lots more fun to come :)

Monday, August 25, 2014


This week has been a very different week for my family, although filled will love and new memories, it was also a time of sadness as we said our earthly good-bye’s to a man who has been the cornerstone of our family.

Dear Rose,
We did not take you to the viewing or funeral because at the tender age of 3, I didn’t feel that you needed to come face to face with death or, while your great-grandpa was very ready to meet Jesus, the sadness it brings us that he will not be around for any more talks or family gatherings.

You were able to meet him and make some great memories with him and we will talk about him often and show you the pictures J I think what I would like you to know about your great-grandpa was that he was a patient and kind man. He didn’t keep track of what people owed him, but gave generously to all. He was also present for his family…grandparent’s day at school, graduations, birthdays, weddings, dinners; he made it!

Here are some pictures of you with great-grandpa: 

And here are some pictures of your mommy with great-grandpa:


Here are some pictures from the rest of the week :)