Wednesday, June 1, 2016

MAY :)

May was full of runny noses with Rose's first case of pink eye and a sinus infection too :( but we didn't let that keep us from having lots of fun!

We had lots of fun making crafts

We also headed to an un-named burger place with a great inside play area one day when we needed a break from being inside and there was too much rain.

When it finally did stop raining enough to be outside

At a story time this month Rose also got to meet Dave, she was actually really excited about seeing a minion :)

And have a 'Teddy Bear Picnic"

We celebrated Mother's Day with Nana a day early by doing our nails :)

Mother's Day was spent enjoying the beautiful day at Knoebels for our first trip of the season!

Rose finished her first year of preschool and she was crying when it was time to say 'good-bye', what a change from September! Rose changed and grew so much because of preschool, it was a great experience for all of us!

AND we got a new family members: Lily!!!
Rose is being an awesome big puppy sister and loves Lily. I hope they're best friends for years and years :)

Other fun this month:
Matching leggings :)

A HUGE bowl of gaucamole that we totally emptied ;)

A new litter of kittens next door to cuddle.

 Rose FINALLY got flip-flops!

 Playing babies at Nana's least the mess isn't at home!

We had several fun picnics and Rose's favorite activities always involved water :)

Saturday, April 30, 2016


It's Rose's favorite month of the year...her BIRTHDAY month!!! She's been looking forward to her party since before Christmas and has kept asking about when her birthday will be here, she has been so excited to turn 5 :)
It was also Justin's birthday month and this year was a biggie for him too!

But before we get to all that happiness, there was a lot of other fun things this month too!

We had a big family gathering for Grandma's 90th birthday and Rose got to hang out with her cousins, those girls always have so much fun!

It's been getting warmer out, so more trips to parks and Justin's bus is up and running!

AND IT PASSED INSPECTION!! After our wedding day and Rose's birth, this was probably the happiest day in Justin's life :)

We also got to make the cutest little Fairy Garden at a local greenhouse. Rose made one for herself and helped Nana make one too! If I see this event again, I am going to take all my chipped Fiesta ware and make tons of Fairy Gardens!!

Look how cute!!

And our little chicks are also fast!

We got to move them out of the house and into the pole barn for larger accommodations :)

Some random fun things from the month...

We made a mommy daughter trip to the zoo for April and again Rose loved the penguin feeding the most!

She also took her baby doll, Autumn, and enjoyed sharing the zoo with her :)

We started Rose's birthday celebration by getting her cousins from VA to spend the weekend with us! Rose was so excited to have her cousins stay with us twice this month! Rose loves having her cousins and calls them the 'girls'.

We took the girls to the Crayola Experience and we all had a wonderful time! There was so much to do that we are hoping to get back soon and have even more family fun!!!

We had a terrific lunch at a 50's style burger place with the best milkshakes!

Now on to the birthday shenanigans!!!
Rose and Nana had a great time prepping her favor bags for her party with a chick/farm animal theme.

Rose wanted her birthday party at the YMCA again and wanted to invite lots of friends! SO that's what we did :) Look how my little girl has grown!!!

This wonderful friend made all the super cute chick cupcakes for Rose's party!

I think everyone had lots of fun. Rose just ran around the whole time with her friends, she was exhausted!

...but not too exhausted to enjoy all her presents :)

We also had a celebration at home with the grandparent's because Rose wanted a cake and 'family party' too!


Next up: Justin's 30th Birthday! Justin is not so much of a party person, but I decided he needed a really nice gift so I got him this...

He was very happy :)

Justin's favorite cake is also angel food, so this time with my special little helper, I made another one. Rose cracked and separated all the eggs! She told me when there was any shell, but really she did amazing!!!

And Justin thought it was the best cake yet :)

These are our 3 April Birthday's babies :)

Our final party for the month was cousin Lucas' 1st Birthday :)