Saturday, September 3, 2016

August...last of summer fun with lots of new fun about to begin!!!

We ended July with a fabulous blueberry zucchini cake with my special helper decorating :)

And took that yummy cake to a pool party!

Rose started August off with a week full of fun!
First we headed to the Lehigh Valley Zoo with some friends.
Everyone enjoyed feeding the birds
 Rose was so excited to have friends to walk around with

And on our way out we got to play in the creek!

Rose's cousins came at the end of the week and we all went to Chocolate World!  

We also hung out at local parks

 And Rose introduced her cousins to her favorite yogurt place :)

The cousins were visiting for the annual clam bake.
When they weren't enjoying delicious food...

They were getting wet on the water slide!!!

We had a family trip back to the Crayola factory and found even more stuff to do on this trip. 

We had a mommy-daughter trip to a local trampoline park, Rose loved doing the balance beam and falling into the blocks.

Rose completed her summer reading program at the local toy store and got a prize!

We made a trip to see great-grandma Bechtel!!!

When Rose goes to Nana and Pop's house the crafts come out! Especially glitter glue!!!

 Our garden is also doing very well. We are still getting lots of tomatoes and some squash. We also have planted a couple plants to harvest in the fall.

I guess we planted the pumpkin too early...

but it made a fun activity for glitter glue!

And our sunflowers are growing, even bigger than Rose's cute head!

We spent the last weekend of the month at Rose's favorite ride place: Knoebels!!! And not one, but two days were spent running from ride to ride!!!

Camping overnight was a success, except for Justin's air mattress deflating :(

Our spot was beautiful!!!

More fun moments:

Rose came to me one morning and wanted to wear our matching shirts, LOVE LOVE LOVE her!

 She also got daddy to help her design a trash bag dress, it was lovely!

Whiskers loves to hide, but Rose is a pretty good seeker!

Who doesn't love some cheesey chips, she gets this from her momma :)

More craft time! The messier the better!

What What?!?!?! Mommy and Daddy had a dinner date with a real babysitter! Rose loved it and we will definitely be doing this again!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Happy July! It came in with fireworks and was full of fun!!!

Our garden is growing! And we have learned some important things to keep in mind for next year (I'll put this here so I can look back in the winter and remember!): 1 zucchini plant is enough, canelopes and watermelon will be bought at the farmer's market, 2-3 tomato plants and spray them with blossom rot, give peppers and cucumbers more space, and lots more pole beans and carrots!

Rose and I are becoming experts at zucchini bread!

Lily is growing up so fast! She is kind of in the lanky teenager phase right now and full of energy.

Not to be forgotten about Whiskers has found a new spot to call his own...usually he's in the window box!

Nana's house is always full of new adventures and messes waiting to be made :)

Rose went to Dance Camp and loved that Miss Megan was one of the teachers!

We traveled south for a long weekend to visit cousins

And we celebrated 2 birthday's with friends both turned 6!

We've made sure to keep cool during all the summer heat!
Yes, and Justin is playing Pokemon :)

 We made a trip to our favorite yogurt place

And we spent a few hours watching Secret Life of Pets!

I'm keep hydrated during the hot summer with lots of liquid :)

Justin had this awesomeness waiting for me after work one night :)