Sunday, August 2, 2015



Story Times!
Rose and I made it out to a local library for their 'community hero's' story times where one week we had a visit from a police officer...

and the following week firemen!

We also made it to the local toy store for their 'teddy bear picnic'!

Rose had two birthday parties, both in the same weekend! She was a party machine and by Monday thought we should just keep going to birthday parties everyday :)

Rose also went out to lunch with me and some co-workers to celebrate another co-workers birthday!

Rose went to Uncle Jon and Aunt Kate's graduation party...may have been her favorite because of the pool and Danielle :)

AND I took Rose into work for a baby shower!

Who doesn't love food?
We try to have lots of fun with our food with what we eat and who we eat with!

VW Buses have now overtaken our yard!
This face kinda depicts how Rose and I feel about it...

SO when not attending activities or eating, here's what Rose has been up to this month:


and sleepovers with her babies :)

Cruising (we have to jog to keep up with this girl)!

This was just as messy and fun as it looks!

Our first sunflower popped out!

Matching Shirt with dad (both are dad's shirts...)

Yup that's a naked doll...I guess if Rose can't be naked she at least figures her doll should ;)

Yoga with a friend is always more fun!

And we upgraded Rose's pool!

Yup, another trip to throw pennies in the fountain...I hope they go to a good cause

Hey goat!

Trip to the farmer's market with all 4 of my little birdies ;)

Popcorn with the babies...because she can!

We have a zucchini!!!

S'mores :)

Selfies with Rose

And the best for last: Knoebels!!!!!!

Rose hit the magic 42" and got to go on some BIG rides. Her favorite was the swings!

We've been friends since we were 17 (looooong time ago) and even without talking we wore the same outfits :)

We love love love riding rides together!

We stayed until just before closing and took one last ride on the Ferris wheel to see everything lit up! As we left the park Rose said 'thank you for taking me to Knoebels today'
Which made an awesome day, totally perfect {sigh} !!!