Thursday, June 30, 2016


June is a great month!! 
I used to love it as a child because I knew school was out for summer break, now I love it as an adult because there is so many fun things to do with Rose! We made the most of the month with lots of great activities and family time :)

We went back to Cape Henelopen State Park (and took Lily) for what seems like it will be an annual family camping trip!

Rose had her dance recital. I think this year went a lot better than last year since we knew what to expect and Rose also had been through everything before. Most importantly she had fun and said she wants to sign up again for next year!

We celebrated Father's Day by taking Justin's VW Bus to the drive-in! This was Rose (and Lily's) first movie experience and they both did fairly well ;)

Justin and I also celebrated our 10 Year Anniversary (with Rose's help!).

We also devlievered all the chicks we were raising for others and our now down to just our 6 ladies :)

 Rose also had great riding lessons and is off walking around by herself and even trotting with no one hold on!

Our little garden is growing fast!!!

Rose found that Snap Chat is a lot of fun and she seems to really love this look...I guess it's a preview of what's to come :)

Rose also takes random pictures with my phone, this one was cute!

So YAY for June and bring on July!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

MAY :)

May was full of runny noses with Rose's first case of pink eye and a sinus infection too :( but we didn't let that keep us from having lots of fun!

We had lots of fun making crafts

We also headed to an un-named burger place with a great inside play area one day when we needed a break from being inside and there was too much rain.

When it finally did stop raining enough to be outside

At a story time this month Rose also got to meet Dave, she was actually really excited about seeing a minion :)

And have a 'Teddy Bear Picnic"

We celebrated Mother's Day with Nana a day early by doing our nails :)

Mother's Day was spent enjoying the beautiful day at Knoebels for our first trip of the season!

Rose finished her first year of preschool and she was crying when it was time to say 'good-bye', what a change from September! Rose changed and grew so much because of preschool, it was a great experience for all of us!

AND we got a new family members: Lily!!!
Rose is being an awesome big puppy sister and loves Lily. I hope they're best friends for years and years :)

Other fun this month:
Matching leggings :)

A HUGE bowl of gaucamole that we totally emptied ;)

A new litter of kittens next door to cuddle.

 Rose FINALLY got flip-flops!

 Playing babies at Nana's least the mess isn't at home!

We had several fun picnics and Rose's favorite activities always involved water :)