Monday, August 25, 2014


This week has been a very different week for my family, although filled will love and new memories, it was also a time of sadness as we said our earthly good-bye’s to a man who has been the cornerstone of our family.

Dear Rose,
We did not take you to the viewing or funeral because at the tender age of 3, I didn’t feel that you needed to come face to face with death or, while your great-grandpa was very ready to meet Jesus, the sadness it brings us that he will not be around for any more talks or family gatherings.

You were able to meet him and make some great memories with him and we will talk about him often and show you the pictures J I think what I would like you to know about your great-grandpa was that he was a patient and kind man. He didn’t keep track of what people owed him, but gave generously to all. He was also present for his family…grandparent’s day at school, graduations, birthdays, weddings, dinners; he made it!

Here are some pictures of you with great-grandpa: 

And here are some pictures of your mommy with great-grandpa:


Here are some pictures from the rest of the week :)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Happy Monday!!!

Monday's are now my favorite day of the week, although I had a great entire week.

Justin has been diligently painting my bathroom and we LOVE the color…now if I could only decide on a kitchen color (all suggestions welcome!).

So to recap Rose’s week starting from last Tuesday…
We had a play date with Rose’s 0-3 speech therapist and her little girl. Rose LOVES LOVES LOVES both of them and was so excited to play with Libby. Libby and Rose especially enjoyed playing hide-and-seek. Rose doesn’t quite yet understand how to play as she loves hiding and then yells out where she is ;) We have been finding great hiding spots throughout the house all week to use the next time Libby comes over to play!

Wednesday Rose and I went to story time at our favorite local toy store. Rose played with all the toys, did great listening to the story, and made a craft. We even bought a new book to take home J Rose really loves ‘bear’ books right now and we have been reading through some of the ones that I had as a little girl and now Rose has one of her very own.

So my first working day this week was Thursday. Rose and I played at home until lunch time and then headed down to her grandma’s for Rose to have lunch and her nap (she prefers to eat at grandma’s house, I think I used to beg to eat at grandma’s house too!).

Friday we got to make a trip to the farmer's market with Nana...Rose got some frog gummies, but would only eat the red and purple ones, she has left all the yellow and green ones in the bag! silly girl! and we got some coffee trail mix for mommy and daddy ;)

Justin and I felt pretty blah on Saturday, but not Rose! She wakes up with energy, I guess that means she sleeps really well J She is off and running and wanting to play, play, play. Lately though, she will take a break and lay on the couch to ‘rest’ while watching a cartoon. This mama doesn’t mind as I get to drink a cup of coffee and take a quick breath. We did enjoy some yummy pancakes together and Justin even spelled ‘ROSE’.

After I headed to work Rose went down for her nap. But then…she and daddy headed out for some errands and got ice cream. I wanted ice cream too L but I’m glad they are having this special time together and lots of fun

Sunday we headed out to breakfast with parents and Rose loved ‘breakfast out’. We then headed to see Uncle Bruce, Aunt Kate, and baby Trip. Rose was excited to help unpack some of Trip’s baby toys and change a diaper…this kid LOVES changing baby diapers.

After all out running around we had a little time to play and, of course, Rose wanted to make more baby food. Maybe she’ll be a scientist someday...

These were the pictures Justin sent me Sunday night of what he and Rose were up to...

Monday was Roses first visit to the dentist.
I don't know what we were worried about because she handled it like a pro. She let the hygienist  brush her teeth with the power brush, pick on some teeth, and floss...she even rinsed and spit! Rose got a new tooth brush and declared that she 'loves loves loves dentist'...I'm not sure this kid belongs to me :)

The rest of the day was lots of fun too. We enjoyed play time, and then after dinner we went on a trip to the park and ICE CREAM :) Great ending to a very fun week!