Monday, October 20, 2014

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Tuesday- Rose and I started our week together at the park where Rose is always surprising me with how strong she is and also that she thinks she has the ability to fly...
We also had an early birthday dinner with Pop which included Birthday Eve donuts! Rose did sing Happy Birthday to mommy first and then we stuck a candle in her donut and sang to her too ;)

Wednesday- Happy Birthday to me! Starting this week my schedule is changing to Wednesday-Saturday, so I will have Sunday's to spend with my family; but since we didn't know that until last week, we planned to make my birthday a family day (and I'm glad we did). SO Justin took off work and we headed to the Please Touch Museum. I don't think the day could have been any better :) Rose loved EVERYTHING, although shopping in the grocery store was her favorite and Justin and I got to spend the day with each other and our little girl! 

Thursday- I think Rose and I had a little after birthday blues...everything  seemed a little less fun and everything that wasn't done on Wednesday (because it was my birthday and I just didn't care) had to get caught up on Thursday. Rose was a real trooper with mommy's blah mood and so before heading to grandma's we stopped at the park, which was a happy way to end our morning :)

Friday- Rose and I finally got to go to the Farmer's market with Nana, of which I did not get any pics because keeping up with those two (and keeping those two out of trouble) is all I have time for! We also had a terrific morning morning as Rose was super silly and this mama was loving it :)

Rose and daddy grilled dinner's getting dark so early :(

Saturday- Rose got some extra time with Grandma and Grandpa since it was a work day for mommy and daddy.I headed into work a few hours early and Justin wanted to get some outside house projects done before it starts getting cold outside.
 But on the way down she and daddy also had a park date (same swings as the earlier picture, she loves those swings!). 

Sunday- Rose was up to her fun self. She dressed herself in a swimsuit and pretended the cushion and cover were a pool...what goes on inside that little brain? Amazing! Rose and I got to spend some morning time together while Justin very kindly took on some more house projects :)

Monday- Rose and I were back to our typical routine with a bonus play date and a trip to Trader Joes (they now have pumpkin EVERYTHING in the store...I bought way too much stuff!). Rose and I also did get outside for some of the day including a walk with Tahnee, but brought the slide inside for some fun while it was really cold outside. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

We were back to the park on Tuesday this time with Rose's babies. She is great at being a little mommy, it really is too cute to watch. She tells me to sit on the bench and then she takes them down the slides and pushes them on the swings. I do eventually convince her to let me be the mommy and play with her and the babies :)

Rose also got to dress up again at dance class. She is doing so well participating with the other little girls and although she is quiet during class she tells me all about it afterwards :)

Wednesday after a dr appointment Rose and I headed to the mall, I am so excited to have a mall buddy! Rose had our whole trip planned out, including bringing a baby. First we rode the escalator, then we (along with baby) threw pennies into the  fountain, next was some shopping and a smoothie, and finally 4 more trips on the on the escalator!

That wasn't the end of our excitement for the day...we had lots more fun with babies

 and SUPER crazy fun with paint in the bathtub :)

We ended our evening with baking pumpkin cookies; I think these are tied in my top 3 all-time favorite cookies.

Thursday is our busy day of the week, as if the others seem boring... We start with a morning speech session, play at home a bit, and then are off to Rose's riding lesson. After that we visited with cousin Bruce a bit before Rose goes to grandma's and I start my work week....whew!

So after all our running around during the week and more running around to come on the weekend, Rose and I had a 'PJ and Play' day at home on Friday. We both just stayed in our jammies and had lots of fun playing with anything Rose wanted: babies, fall craft, babies, and babies :) She and Nana also continued the fun after mommy had to go to work :(

Saturday was a SUPER fun day. We all traveled up to Bloomsburg for Anna's 2nd Birthday Party. Anna's parents very wisely decided to hold this event at an indoor bounce house and Rose LOVED it. She had so much fun seeing Anna and Brahm (who she frequently talks about and names her dolls) and of course, loved all the bouncing, slinging, and crashing in the bounce houses. 

Here are our girls holding up their ages: Anna 2 and Rose 3... little do these girls know that their mommy's are both having birthday's with those same numbers...

Sunday was another fun day. We met Nana and Pop for breakfast and then went on a hayride. 

Rose was sweet enough to take a nap with me before I headed to work for 14 hours!!! On the way to work my Jeep flipped over 170,000, let's try for 200,000!

I was the one working, but Monday morning Justin and Rose were the first in our family to try out the new Dunkin Donuts in Oley. Rose also got to visit later in the day with mommy!

By tonight I think everyone was dragging a bit from all our weekend fun (and work), at least Rose and Meow get to rest ;)