Sunday, December 14, 2014

Top 10 of 2014-This is the post that goes with the Holiday Card :)

Rose turns 3
-EVERY POST in this blog is all about Rose, because while we share our memories with family and friends, it is intended for Rose to have as kind of a digital scrapbook of her childhood. The 3 year old Rose is like a little person with her own mind and ideas. She is fun to play with and has a very creative imagination. She prefers to be active, but has her favorite cartoons and books when she needs to slow down a bit. Nothing makes her happier than playing with her babies and nothing makes her angrier than when it is time to wash her hair. She loves fruit and donuts. Mommy and daddy love that she still takes a nap! 

It is also thanks to Rose that we added Meow to our home...

Heather's new job
-After 4 wonderful years working as a Service Coordinator for Early Intervention, Heather accepted a new position at the same company, and is now a Crisis Interventionist. The change was precipitated by a need to be home with Rose during the mornings to take her to speech therapy. The change has been positive in lots of ways including more time with Rose and a pay raise :)

Justin's Pole Barn
-After 6 long years of living in our home, Justin got the one thing he wanted from day 1...a larger garage.

 4 Beaches
-Although I wouldn't have expected us to love the beach like we do, we certainly were a beach family this year with an overnight trip to Cape May, day trips to Sea Isle and Avon-by-the-Sea, and a week at Lewes.

2 Trips to Knobels
-Rose LOVES rides. We weren't sure after an early season trip to Knobels if we would make it again, but we made it (on their very last day)

Cousin Bruce III is born
-This was probably the happiest moment for Rose who adores her baby cousin. She is very lucky that they live close and has gotten to see a lot of Bruce since he was born. There is nothing Rose enjoys more than helping to change his diaper by handing over wipes and a clean diaper!

New Car (sort of...)
-Heather got caught in the 'great hail storm' and her beloved red Jeep was totaled :( We upgraded to a larger Jeep and although Heather misses her smaller Jeep, all the extra room has worked out really well!

Master Bedroom and Bathroom
-Progress has been made in the master bedroom and bathroom. The bathroom is done and the bedroom, not so much ;) Maybe by next year's review!

Kitchen Color
-After 5 years of the dreaded 'neutral' color, Heather picked a color and Justin painted it for her birthday present (because Justin REALLY hates painting!).

2014 was packed FULL for us :) Here's hoping 2015 is wonderful for everyone!!!

Lots of PJ's and Silliness!

Who wants to wake up on a Monday? Not Rose or her baby! After returning from her speech therapy, Rose promptly tucked herself and baby in mommy's bed to 'rest' and watch some cartoons.

When the sleepy head did decide to get up, we had lots of fun playing, including using a new train track that daddy set up.

Tuesday I convinced Rose to get a bath thanks to making some foam shapes to play with. All you do is cut our some of the craft foam and then dip it in the'll stick to the tub for LOTS of fun! I think she was in the tub for almost an hour...

Rose's creativity never she made a train for her and her babies to ride on :)

She also decided to feed her 'kitten' some of Meow's food...

Wednesday Rose and I had a date at Dunkin Donuts for some breakfast, this girl can spot a Dunkin Donuts sign and always says she wants to go in...just like her mommy ;-)

Thursday we got some snow again...not enough to really do anything with, but we went for a walk and caught some on our tongues.

We mostly stayed warm inside playing..,

And 'resting'...

Friday Rose had lots of fun playing, 

And ended with a daddy-daughter date at her favorite fine dining establishment...Five Guys!

Saturday Rose and I hung out at home playing as much as we could before I left for has been a very busy week for me and I needed some good play time before I headed in to deal with whatever craziness awaited me!

 When I headed out that afternoon, Justin took Rose to Home Depot on an errand trip. Later at work these are the pictures I got of what Rose had found at Home Depot to play with...

 Sunday was again Funday...We started off with breakfast to celebrate Pop's upcoming birthday and then headed out to the Elmwood Park Zoo, which we have a membership for the next year thanks to a Groupon deal, so I'm sure we'll be back when the weather is warmer :)

Rose seemed to have a great time because after we got home she insisted on playing zoo with her babies and stuffed animals! She even took pictures of her babies with the animals just like we did at the zoo.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Happy December :)

We started out Monday picking up LOTS of cinnamon to make some Cinnamon Cookies. They were super easy to mix up although watch out for the cinnamon powder it'll make you sneeze :) Rose enjoyed picking out the cookie cutters and was helpful in rolling the dough and pressing out the shapes. The dough was a little sticky, though, so I put them out on the tray. The whole house smelled really yummy while they were baking.

 Tuesday was also craft day and another idea from Pinterest: Snowman Craft. I was curious if this was going to work, but it really does and is very cute on our door.

The dollhouse is still under construction, but Justin is getting more done and it *might* really be done by Christmas.

We also got to hang the cinnamon ornaments on the tree. This was really a fun and easy craft and now the house smells awesome :)

Rose also got to dress up again at dance class! AND she walked in the room by herself this week with no clinging to mommy :)

On Wednesday I had to start my work week. This is not Rose's favorite she is calling 'work' and saying that she can't come in because her baby is sick. She then told me it was 'ok mommy stay home'. I wish I could little girl!!!

Thursday our Christmas cards arrived and Rose was awesome in stamping and stuffing with mommy.

Then she 'mailed' them to all her friends! Mommy might manage to get the real ones mailed out by next weekend...

Friday was jammy day...not that Rose isn't in her jammies every day, but we both stayed in ours all morning because we didn't have anywhere to go!
We played babies because Rose 'just wants to play babies'!

 We even did baby laundry...I sure hope mommy and daddy are getting this little girl her own washer and dryer for Christmas ;)

I was able to pull her away from babies for a few minutes to do another holiday craft...I think Rose glued on about 5 pom poms and then went back to babies, but mommy had fun!

Friday night Rose played hide-and-seek (her very favorite game) with daddy. She is getting to be a sneaky little hider and found a new hiding spot behind the pull-out trash cans :)

Saturday morning Rose wanted to go with mommy for my haircut appointment. so afterwards we went out for breakfast! It was really nice :)

When we got home Rose wanted to jump in was all going well, until someone fell in the mud

After cleaning up we decided to play with babies...what else?

Sunday has turned into 'Family Funday' as it is our only day all together during the week. This Sunday we had tickets to ride the train with Santa (although Rose was more a fan of Mrs Claus).