Sunday, July 20, 2014

Monday Rose and I headed to a local country store where she loves to push the ‘baby’ carts! I feel very fortunate to live where we have pretty easy access to lots of fun and healthy food choices.  Since it was kind of rainy we spent most of the morning playing inside, but that does not stop Rose from having a really good time.

Tuesday Rose had her weekly riding lesson. I am not sure if she loves the riding or the ice pop afterwards more…but either way she seems to really enjoy it. 

After Rose's lesson we got to hang out with cousin Bruce, can't believe this little guy is already 3 weeks old!

(look at their little noses touching...Rose loves her cousin!)

Wednesday was a beautiful day! We got to play at two parks. Rose and I refer to the local parks as the ‘big’ park and the ‘baby’ park. We stopped at the big park first to feed the ducks and play a bit. This park is usually pretty crowded and Rose doesn't enjoy all the rowdiness of older kids, so after a bit she asked to go to the baby park. 

This park is just the perfect size for Rose to explore and usually there are only a few other little kids for Rose to meet.

On a side note: since I am now gone during most bedtimes, each week I record myself reading a few books for Rose to watch at bedtime. By now there are over 10 different videos to pick from. On Wednesday she got the iPad out and went to the video she wanted and found the matching book to follow along with a story :)

Thursday we again made our stops at the local parks. Rose had seen ducklings on Wednesday and was asking to see them again. Luckily we found them right away and they were swimming!

Friday has become our farmer’s market day with nana. Due to an accident my mom is getting a new car. No one was hurt and the accident wasn't even her fault ;) Right now nana has a loner and Rose LOVED all the buttons…she even learned how to hold the brake down and push the ‘start’ button…not sure that’s a good thing.

There's my silly little girl who wants to wear her daddy's shirt after bathtime :)

This weekend was GREAT! Rose and I never left our home and Justin only went out for a little bit. After all the business of last weekend and the usual week business, it was really nice to just spend time together taking it easy. That doesn't mean we didn't have LOTS of fun...

We started Rose's first experiment...check-in next week to see what happens!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Busy and Beautiful

That's how I would describe this week and I wouldn't have changed a thing :)


(Justin took Rose to her riding lesson this week since it was in the evening, on the way home Rose 'insisted' on a snack)

'Look Mom, I still fit!'

Yup, my kid goes down ALL the slides even if they are wet ;)

We got to meet another 'new' baby this week and Rose helped make some fresh blueberry muffins to take when we went to visit. (ps-if you don't have silicon muffin liners yet, get some!)



On a very sad note, this was our last Friday 'lunch bunch' with great-grandma and grandpa. They are set to move to a retirement home next week. I can't not count how many special memories I have had with them in this home and an glad that we will have pictures to show Rose. 

BEACH DAY! We headed to Sea Isle City, NJ for the day. We got a little nutty on the ride down, since it took us over an hour longer than expected :(

The wait proved to be worth it. Rose who has NEVER wanted to touch the water in her previous 4 beach trips, spent the whole time IN the water!

We took Rose and her 'birdies' out for some good-bye yogurt with Aunt Kate and Uncle Jon before they return to Oklahoma...

(please also note Justin's fun faces photo-bombing Rose's selfies!)

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Happy: new cousin, visit from Aunt Kate, and 4th!

It’s been a busy busy week! I kinda thought with the change of working hours I would feel less hurried, but that was not the case this week J I'm not sure what whoever came up with the saying 'the good life' meant, but I feel very fortunate and thankful with all the amazing people we get to spend time with and experience we get to share as a family!

Rose and I have been busy on adventures this week. Monday morning after Rose’s speech therapy we got to meet the newest family member. Rose was very excited to go to the hospital. I was a little nervous about telling her we were going to the hospital, since the last time she was at one was to have her cast put on and she was not very happy about that :( But she understood it was not for her and did great! We were both so excited to meet this handsome little man and can't wait for lots of play dates :)

Tuesday we had visitors! Uncle Jon and Aunt Kate are visiting from Oklahoma for a few weeks before heading back to work the rest of the summer and complete their final year of Bible training. After visiting we dropped off a meal for the new family when we went for Rose’s riding lesson. Due to the heat Rose got to ride in the barn.. She had seen the lesson before her and the girl had been practicing balance by holding her arms out, so Rose wanted to try that too!

Wednesday we went back to the local toy store for another story time. Rose LOVES the toy store! She took her baby and pushed her around in a play stopping cart after the story time. She pretended that they were shopping and put items for the baby in the cart. We did get Rose and baby Bruce each a new book. We got baby Bruce an Indestructibles. I wish these had been around when Rose was little, because she defiantly chewed off some chunks of her board books. We then went to visit baby Bruce and nana who was spending the day with her new grandson!

I think Rose is really enjoying the new schedule of mommy in the morning, some grandma or nana time, and then daddy evenings.Wednesday she even got daddy to go swimming with her J

Thursday Rose helped me make some lemon bars for our lunch with great-grandpa and great-grandma on Friday. 

We also had lots of time to play. Rose wanted to take this picture of her doll house you see all 3?

Friday we enjoyed lunch at my grandparent’s with my parents and Bruce and Kate brought the baby. I have to admit I was a bit of a baby hog, but I changed two poopy diapers, so I thought that earned me some cuddles :)

(ok, I think this is about the cutest picture ever!)
I have posted several pics of Rose with me, Nana, and great-Nana and here is the first pic of the 4 generations of Bechtel males (3 of them have the name Bruce!). 

I made baby Bruce an afghan in John Deere colors, of course!

After a good nap, Rose was ready to enjoy her first fireworks show! We started off with some ice cream

and then enjoyed the show! Rose did pretty well and we did have ear protectors for her. Even so, when we asked her about them she described them as 'high and boom'.

Saturday was another busy day. We went to the farmer’s market with Jon and Kate and then headed over to his parent’s home in the evening for a pool party/dinner.

Sunday….ah, thank God for Sunday! We had a day just to enjoy as our family. Rose and daddy made a fun train track with an extra add-on courtesy of the dining room chair :)

Rose and I also headed to church, Rose was the only kiddo so we got front row seats for the children's message.

After church Rose enjoyed some lazy time in her pool :)

We also set up Rose's 'big' pool from Pop. It was VERY cold, so Rose could only stay in for a bit at a time, but she still had a lots of fun spinning her birdie :)

Here's looking forward to another wonderful week, however busy it gets!