Monday, August 31, 2015


Look who showed up to make the start to August as awesome as possible!!!

Saturday we took Rose to the Annual Bechtel Clambake, then...

Justin and I headed off to a wedding for a childhood friend.

 The ceremony was simple, elegant, and fun! Just like the wonderful couple :)

Then we had an awesome reception and Justin and I definitely enjoyed ourselves ;)

Justin and Mike have a shared passion of working on cars. So for a wedding present Justin made Mike and Jen a bar stool out of car pieces...I'm a smidgen jealous. He will be making them another one soon (hopefully we'll get to deliver it!)

Sunday it was off to my co-worker Mike's wedding! It was our first Jewish wedding so we needed a 'Synagogue Selfie' :)
Congrats to the happy couple!

 After all that fun, we headed to the beach the next weekend to relax with Uncle Jon and Aunt Kate :)

Rose's sunflowers are still going strong and the tallest are around 10ft!

Who always wants to go to Dunkin Donut? 
These girls!!!!

And we also got out to Shady Maple for breakfast! Whoohoo :)

AND we go to the Farmer's Market weekly...who doesn't buy their baby a smoothie?

On our travels this month we ran into a Yum Yum Bakery...back when I was just a wee lass, my daddy brought me these HUGE donuts, so we decided to relive the magic with Rose. Needless to say she loved it, because what's not to love about a huge donut? ;)

We also got to have lunch with great-grandma and pop...I think this wins for cutest picture of the month!

Pop also got Rose a can of cheese...and taught her the best way to eat it ;)
Rose is also quite the little chef! She loves baking with me and often asks to make something. Here she helped me make some cornbread for work, everyone said it was delicious! 

Animals...Rose is such an animal lover!
We went to visit the two chickens we dropped off at Stacey's. They are growing and doing very well. Stacey reported that they are very sweet birds (that's because Rose sang to them and rocked them!).

Our ladies are also growing and kinda funny...

Rose still holds her chickens and we are checking all the time for eggs...

Rose hasn't wanted to ride in a couple months, but she always asks about the horses and comes to watch mommy ride :)

AND there are kittens...again! I guess Rose sees it as a positive that there are multiple stray cats in the area that decide to have kittens... Luckily the people next door seems to adopt them all and take care of them. When these little ones wonder over to our yard, Rose plays with them.

Rose may just be the neighborhood 'crazy cat lady'...but that's ok. I love her sweet heart!

Treats for Tahnee
And when they're aren't real animals to take care of, she feeds the 'money animals' at the library :)

It's been a hot month and Rose has made good use of her pool...even relaxing in the pool with an umbrella and DD Smoothie :)

Also thanks to a new water sprayer, Rose was able to get me wet all the way up on the deck :(

Rose also doesn't mind getting herself all wet, especially if it's jumping in a huge puddle in the neighbor's yard! This puddle was caused by Justin who leveled off the area for a building the neighbor's are putting in soon.

Here's some other fun stuff Rose was up to...

And tonight Rose had a riding lesson!