Thursday, January 22, 2015


So, just like, the home you live in Rose, sometimes mommy needs to change things up on this blog too! I hope one day you will look back and read all these posts and enjoy the memories that were created. In an effort to create more of those memories and keep things interesting on the blog, I have decided to try posting once a month with some special posts from time to time, if the mood strikes me ;) 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekly Update

Rose's sleeping has been awful for the past month or so. Up until then we would do our normal bedtime routine, give Rose some kisses and let her fall asleep. One night she just wouldn't stop crying until I agreed to stay with her, then after that we were stuck sitting in her room until she fell asleep, then she started calling us in the middle of the night and we would end up sleeping in her room... I'm not sure what's going on, she says she 'sees things moving', but even with more lights on, she won't settle down. We are trying to reassure her that everything is fine and hoping that just as quickly as this happened it will go away, until then we are taking turns sleeping in Rose's room ;)

In kitten news, Meowzers (as Rose now calls our first cat) is tolerating Whiskers. Whiskers would REALLY like Meowzers to play, but so far just napping in close proximity is all these two have been caught doing. 

Tuesday Rose had her first dance class since Christmas break and although she was carried in by the dance teacher, there were no tears! She even went in by herself after they came out to show us their dress-up outfits :)

Wednesday morning Rose was also back to riding, although she only lasted about 20 minutes before her little cheeks turned bright red...bring on Spring!!!

We headed to our favorite spot to warm up with a donut ;)

Friday morning Rose taught Whiskers how to play with her doll house toys...I think she was taking all the babies to the hospital.

Then later we brought her Cozy Coupe inside so she could pretend it was an ambulance to take her baby to the hospital...but it broke down and she had to fix it ;)

Friday night dinner was with Daddy, Nana, and Pop at the Chinese restaurant. Rose really likes the noodles and rice.

After the Saturday morning trip to the farmers market and some play time at home Rose spent the afternoon with Grandma and Grandpa so Justin could finish the master closet.

 Rose sent Mommy a fun picture so Mommy sent Rose a picture of her hard at work :)

 On Sunday we took a family trip to Target and Rose got some new bandaids. 

Meow is starting to warm up to the kitten and even seems to be a bit jealous of  all the attention Rose gives Whiskers,

Sunday night we headed to Uncle Matt and Aunt Jenni's house for Matt's 30th birthday party. Rose enjoys showing people how to correctly unwrap presents. ;) 

Rose was Aunt Jenni's buddy  insisting on playing hide and go seek with everyone!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Hello Kitty!

It was our first full week of the New Year, and since it was such a cold week we spent lots of time inside staying warm and having fun! We didn’t have to get back to all our scheduled activities just yet, somewhat due to the weather (Rose’s dance and riding lessons were canceled) and some stuff just due to schedules (Rose only had 2 out of her 4 speech sessions).

We started off Monday with a trip to visit Nana and baby Bruce and also got to visit with Pop and daddy! Pop had seen something at a customer’s house that he thought would be just perfect for Rose, so Nana found it on Amazon ;) Apparently this was a hot toy item this year…I guess I’m not a very cool mom, because I had no idea! I have to admit it's a pretty cool toy since the bird sings and you can record messages on it. She also insisted on a ‘friend’ for her bird due to seeing two on the box (excellent marketing idea!).

Rose has also been a good eater this week, from a bowl of whip cream with cherries 

to some really yummy garlic mashed sweet potatoes!

Rose has thought of some new creative things to do with all her time inside this week, including making these little ‘twisty’ creatures out of pipe cleaners. We have a whole zoo full J

The BIG news of the week was our adoption of Whiskers!

Friday was spent with Whiskers...Justin and I feel like kitty cops. Rose just LOVES this kitten and luckily the kitten seems pretty amicable towards Rose. Rose wants to hold/carry him all the time and she does not listen if we say to put him down...she insists she is his mama! I promise we are taking very good care of Whiskers :)

Saturday after a busy morning we all headed in separate directions: Rose to grandma, mommy to a baby shower, and daddy to work on the house!

Sunday we got to end the week with family 'funday' at the Please Touch Museum :)

Monday, January 5, 2015

Another Day and A New Year!

Monday as like most of the week was pretty normal for all of us. After our speech session we headed to Nana's to play with cousin Bruce. 
Rose thought it would be a good idea to test out his car for him...

Selfie with my favorite little peoples :)

Tuesday we braved the cold weather to ride around in the pole barn. I guess it's a really good thing that I let Justin build it ;)

We also headed out to dinner with Uncle Jon, Aunt Kate, and really fun friend Danielle! On Tuesday's it's 'Kids Night' at Moe's complete with a free kids meal and a clown who makes balloon creations!

Isn't she just like her momma? I couldn't be any happier!

Wednesday we bundled up and headed to the was really cold, but Rose never cares. 

 Afterwards Rose warmed up with snack by the fire...this mom prefers the warmth! I can't wait to plan our first beach trip!!!

Happy New Year! We went down to my parent's for the traditional pork and sauerkraut meal and got to spend more time with baby Bruce. 

I'm not sure who is happier here Nana or Rose ;)

 We really have no idea where Rose comes up with her wonderful imagination, but she decided that making an owl diaper statue was the thing to do Thursday night and so she and daddy made one!

Friday Rose and I had a great morning at home while Justin was installing a dishwasher, including reading through a bunch of books that mommy has as a little girl.

Justin was on dinner duty for himself, Rose and 2 owls while mommy was at work...looks like he did really well!

 Rose and I started our Saturday morning by going to Mommy and Me Yoga. It was a very small class this month, which was just fine with Rose. We had a great time learning some new poses and Rose even checked out a book on yoga to practice at home with her babies :)

Sunday morning we took a family trip to Trader Joe's and had dinner with Jon and Kate before they left for Oklahoma on Monday.