Sunday, March 1, 2015

February=lots of love!

Rose spend February giving and receiving lots of LOVE!

For Valentine's Day we made a wreath of hearts with some of Rose's favorite things: whiskers, nana and pop, baby Bruce, mommy, daddy, uncle Bruce and aunt Kate, dolphins, and mac n' cheese.

Rose even made a card for Meowzers and Whiskers!

And Rose got some Valentine's mail! She loved getting mail from Uncle Jon and Aunt Kate and honorary-aunt Danielle :)

Rose also got some Valentine's gifts! A new baby highchair from grandma and grandpa.

And a new Anywhere Chair for her book nook from mommy and daddy!

 We took Rose out to Cabela's to see the fish on Valentines's Day

and out to lunch at Red Robin (where she drank her milkshake and ate two cups of mandarin oranges).

We also had a play date with one of mommy's coworkers, who loves all the pictures of Rose and wanted to meet my special little girl in person. So we made Chantel a cake!

And she loved it...and Rose!

We also made daddy a cake with sprinkles!

Rose also created some beautiful birdhouses complete with thumbprint birds to cheer up some people we love who weren't feeling well. 

Rose loves playing and so we play A LOT everyday...

Rose also doesn't mind the cold or snow...especially when she's wearing Pop's new LL Bean boots :)

And what's better than hot chocolate...

And roasting marshmallows to warm up from the cold?

Justin has been plowing A LOT this month, so he took his girls out to breakfast one day after sleeping in.

Aren't these two the cutest little nappers?

And Rose loves Whiskers...who is getting into trouble when he jumps on my counters...

Rose also got a trim this month and LOVES her bangs

Rose is still sticking it out with dance class...she seems to like dance class as she 'plays' dance class at home, but when it comes to class time I have to pry her off me to join her class...that's no fun for mommy ;( She is also still insisting on someone sleeping with fingers are crossed that it's just a phase. Recently she has started to call herself a 'big girl' so maybe...

Rose has also not been riding at all in February...partly because it's too cold whenever she was scheduled for a lesson and partly because she says she doesn't want to ;( I hope this i just a phase too because I have great hopes for mommy-daughter horseback riding...

Rose and I also miss each other lots when mommy is at work, so we send pictures back and forth:

Here's another round of pictures (yes, I got a hair cut too!)

Justin and Rose dug into the Koala box that her cousins subscribed her to as a Christmas present. This month's theme was colors and all the activities were awesome!
Melting crayon art
Color films and a game of matching colors
 Painted banner

Here's hoping for warmer weather in March!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

the rest of January....

So here are some highlights from the end of January.

Rose's favorite thing was a visit from her cousins: Payton and Regan!
Rose has been counting down the weeks until they and Aunt Laura came up for a visit and sleepover!

Friday night everyone (except mommy) got to go out for dinner.

Saturday we headed out with Pop to visit Great Grandma in her HUGE home ;)

I can't tell you how much Great Grandma loved getting to see so many great grandchildren, who love her LOTS right back!

Saturday night was the big sleepover and yes, there was sleeping after Justin sat in the room to calm the little hooligans down ;)

We had a little more playtime before they had to leave. It only took about 30 minutes after they left for Rose to sadly say that she missed her cousins...

There has also been LOTS of snow in the past two weeks, with more in the forecast for Rose to enjoy. And enjoy it she does! 




and plowing!

more eating...

and playing!

All this cold weather has given Rose a ferocious appetite this month!

When it's been too cold to play outside Rose has been able to find something to play with inside...

Until we head back outside...

Rose also keeps busy with her dance and riding lessons

Whiskers is also doing very well, he's even found some new places to sit...

Rose is practicing her vet skills just in case he needs to go to the doctor :)

Here's a couple more pictures of the cutest little face!