Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Chicks, Birthdays, Knobels, and LOTS OF FUN!!!

As promised it was a fun-filled end of April and beginning of May!!!

Nana decided Rose needed to play mommy to some baby chicks, because her childhood would not be complete unless we raised some chicks!

Welcome: Gertrude, Posey, Maria, Minnie, Daisy, and Claribell!!! (who will only be residing with us for a few months before being rehomed to a lovely place where they will be very happy!)

Rose enjoys holding her chicks (even rocking them) and singing them songs, it's really too cute!

Rose gave them all a check-up and said they were all good!

Tuesday night, Rose got a treat after dance class...french fries and a vanilla milkshake (that's momma's favorite too)!

Wednesday Nana came over for a manicure ;)

Thursday Rose and I enjoyed my day off and went to story time at the local toy store...

Friday our little flower turned 4!!!!
Happy Birthday Rose!!!

Party Time!!!

 (if you are having a birthday, throwing a birthday party, attending a birthday... get this candle!)

Here's a bit about Rose at 4:
- 41.5 inches and 32 pounds
-loves pasta, fruit, ice cream
-enjoys playing babies, riding her bike, and doing art and crafts
-talking in full sentences :)
-favorite color: orange
-loves all her pets!

Saturday we recovered from so much birthday fun! We hung out around the house giving babies a bath with some new soaps

checking on our ladies who got a perch to practice on,

finding Whiskers also checking on our ladies... Actually he tries to hop in every chance he gets and just lays under the heat lamp :) Until on of the chicks starts pecking at him and then he tries to place them in a headlock...

We went to a local greenhouse and they had face painting

Swinging with mommy to get ready for our first trip to Knoebels on Sunday :)

Knoebels!!!!! Rose thanked us at least a dozen times for taking her to Knoebels on Sunday because she LOVES it! I thought it was perfect that they opened just after her birthday and so, of course, we had to go! Rose is only a 1/2 inch shy of reaching the next set of rides and with the way she's been eating this week, I'm sure it will be sometime this summer! We got to do all her favorites: big Ferris wheel, pirate ship, and roll-a-coaster along with lots of other fun rides too!

Becky and Anna also joined us for most of the afternoon and our little ladies had a great time together!

Becky and I have been friends for 15 years now...we knew each other before husbands and babies! 

Silly faces with my big 4 year old!

Monday was on to the next birthday...Justin is celebrating his last year of his 20's...boohoo for him ;)

Tuesday it was back to a pretty regular schedule with a stop at the park on the way to grandma's. Rose has been decreased in her speech therapy because of all the amazing progress she is making. I definitely notice a difference in her interactions with other kids...she is TALKING to them!

Ah, sunshine and warm air at 10am!!! Wednesday was a day of beautiful weather and cute tootsie toes :)

Thursday we headed to story time...

Got some books from the library...

AND met Rose's newest cousin: LUCAS!

Get lots of sleep now Lucas because big cousin Rose can't wait to play with you!

Friday we picked up Regan and Payton so they could come to Rose's party on Saturday. Rose has been counting down the days until her cousins came for a 2 night sleepover!

PARTY TIME!!! Rose kept saying she wanted a BIG party with all her friends...I think mommy and daddy did a pretty good job ;)

Rose said she had a great party and insisted on pulling the wagon to load all her stuff back up!

This was pretty much how our weekend went...the 3 Amigas :) Rose was very sad to say 'bye to her cousins Sunday morning, but she got to have one more sleepover at grandma and grandpa's because mommy and daddy were getting a night off too!

Ah, toes in the sand...my happy place!

We love love love our little flower, but some time to ourselves is good too!

And on the way home from our beach trip Justin got to meet Lucas too!