Monday, January 2, 2017

Merry December!

It's been a Merry Merry Month of family fun and holiday festivities, having a child to enjoy this time of year with definitely makes everything special!
We started out the month by having a hearty breakfast before picking up our Christmas Tree. We got to take Lily with and in true Lily fashion she LOVED Santa!

Justin also made Rose's annual Christmas Ornament (it's great having a handy husband!):

With the tree up and decorated we headed out to see more Christmas lights at a local park.
Rose and I also saw the Poinsettia Show at a local greenhouse.
We all saw TONS of Christmas lights at another playground with some friends, lights and friends, so much fun!

Rose has received a few Christmas presents from Nana and Pop....
Now we have a HUGE trampoline in our yard which is actually lots of fun:)
And our two new family members: Molly (yellow) and Polly (white). They are doing wonderfully adjusting to our silly home and each other. We enjoy watching them play and hearing them 'talk'. They are starting to perch on our fingers and soon we will let them try flying in the living room.

We also took a family trip to Baltimore, because we needed to get away for some 'just us' time :)
We enjoyed some wonderful meals, a trip to the Lego store, staying up WAY past Rose's bedtime, and a trip to the Science Museum. Rose made it 5 minutes into the ride home before passing out!
We celebrated Pop's birthday with his favorite cake made with love and sprinkles!
Rose also decorated some treats for her preschool Christmas program with Nana and Pop (and more icing and sprinkles! tis the season!)

Rose had her Christmas Program at school and did a fabulous job with the singing and motions!

Later we also went to the Lehigh Valley Zoo for lights, Minions, and Frozen!

Even a Storm Trooper for daddy :)

When Rose woke up Christmas morning she first played with her Barbie from Aunt Kate which she got the night before and then woke us up. She didn't even want to open her gifts first, but rather the presents she got for her pets! She also was soooo happy and said thank you for each of her gifts, it was a great day!

Rose also had a great time at our extended family Christmas!

New Year's Eve we started some new traditions including what is sure to be a family favorite:
Chip Tasting!!

We also turned our Christmas tree into a New Year tree

ate pizza

and sang "Happy New Year"...(just change the words of "Happy Birthday")

We all made it to midnight, but Rose was asleep by 12:15am

Other random fun!!!