Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy Fall Y'ALL

We started October by attending a friend's annual pumpkin party!!! While the weather was not fantastic, that didn't damper anyone's spirit and Rose had TONS of fun :)

Justin took Rose for a daddy-daughter trip to the zoo. There were lots of fun extra activities for their fall fest. Apparently Rose loved the crafts and candy stations the best :)

Rose was in heaven when she got to have birds eat from her hands.

Rose took her own pictures of the animals (notice the fingers in the pictures).

AND after they got ice cream with Uncle Matt, Aunt Jen, and Luke.

Not to be outdone, I took Rose to the Museum and met up with some friends and their kiddo for the George exhibit :)

Happy Birthday Mommy!!!
Maybe I am getting old(er),but to me there is no better way to spend my special day then with my sweet little girl :) 
She is also a fantastic assistant and helped me make an amazing Angel Food Cake!

We even made the table look really pretty :)

I am truly thankful for every year I get and to spend so much time with this cute little girl!

And my terrific coworkers made me cupcakes :)

We traveled to MA to visit Mike and Jen (and for Justin to help Mike with a car project).

While the guys worked, Jen and I took Rose to a corn maze...we got through the first 2 parts of the maze and then headed out to do some of the activities :)

Boston! Sunday we took the train into Boston for the afternoon. We ate at Quincy Market and toured the aquarium. We also saw some historic sites in passing...

Rose picked out her own outfit to wear into Boston, I think she looked festive :)

I ate all of this and it was amazing!

Rose loved the aquarium. We started off the day loving the penguins and we still do, but the massive turtle and seals also won our hearts!

Rose got really really close....but never touched anything!

I loved this turtle! You can kind of tell his size by Rose's tiny head in the very bottle of the picture. 

In the background is the church that signaled Paul Revere with lights. 

Paul and his horse...

Paul's house. 


Rose's favorite things from the trip were Jen and Mordis :)

So Rose wanted to be a ghost this year, Justin convinced her to be "Pinky the Ghost' from PacMan and he wore a PacMan shirt as they headed out to family and friends to collect candy for mom :)

Rose got to have a Halloween Party at dance class. 

Rose was pretty helpful in carving pumpkins this year. She picked out lots of 'guts' and even semi-traced the Minion designs she had picked.

Rose got to wear her costume to a yogurt bar for a treat with daddy :)

On Halloween she attend our favorite local toy store for their Halloween Party.

And then went out trick-or-treating with daddy :)

More fun stuff:
Rose got to do a science experiment at library time and really enjoyed the 'exploding pumpkin' ;)

Rose (and her baby is in the car too) loved driving the shopping car (she actually did this twice and the second time packed about 5 babies in with her!).

Of course there were lots of trips to the park :)

 AND we got our family pictures taken! YAY!!!! Can't wait for Christmas cards ;)

It was a perfect month for a campfire and roasting marshmallows. 

Rose and I also had a lunch date at Zoup, yummy!!!

Rose got her monthly lesson on Bo, she is a very silly little rider and lets him eat the fake flowers ;)

Grandma made Rose a Minion hat!

Rose helped daddy make a cabinet delivery and so got LOTS of treats from daddy :)

BUT maybe the most exciting thing of the month...we found were the escapey hen likes to go to lay her eggs! Just about everyday she gets of the 8+ high fence to run somewhere and then she comes back, we open the fence and she walks right in...weirdest chicken ever! So we saw her make her run for it and followed her...she has a spot in my flowerbeds! Mystery solved :)