Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June 2015- Chickens, Camping, and Cousins

So our 5 ladies were ALL supposed to go to their new home this month, but well, this momma caved because how can you separate this child from her love of chicks? 

We did not keep them all. Rose picked 3 to keep and 2 to take to our friend who wonderfully agreed to have them. 
So Justin had to build a coup, ideally we would have built our own, but this was kinda last minute so we found one and he put it together in under an hour! (It helps when you have a professional with all the right tools!)

Rose was VERY happy with her chicken coup and in keeping some chicks!

Nana came with us for the ride to deliver the other chicks...

and on the way we stopped for some ice cream!

Here are the 2 ladies in their new home. Rose has since seen pictures of them outside and getting to meet all the other chickens they will live with.

CAMPING! We did it! We were all kind of sick, it was really hot, and Rose got a splinter (which for her is like the most devastating thing in the world), but we had a great time and will definitely go again :)

This first experience was at Henelopen State Park which has a beach!

Look at that campsite! It's like we're professionals :)

We grilled some hot dogs...

I ate lots of s'mores! 

Our tent site was next to one of the paved trails which made scooter rides very convenient. 

We also did some painting with nature items: leaves, sticks, and pine cones... (yes, we did make a DD run bc I needed some real coffee)

We also borrowed some bikes to see some sites at the park. 

First stop was the playground

Second stop some very large guns from WWI

After our morning at the park we headed to the boardwalk for rides, Rose loves her rides!

We ended the day with a little more time at the beach.

We only stayed 2 nights which I think was the perfect length of time for camping fun. Rose was exhausted from all the activity and slept most of the ride home. She said it was fun and that she would like to go again, so we'll see where we head next!

We also had Rose's Dance Recital! 
Look at the difference between when Rose started in August...

And a picture before her last dance class. My little girl is getting so BIG!

We had her dance practice on a Friday morning and her teachers were ready to take her hand to lead her up on the big stage, but she just marched up there like a pro :)

We also got to meet daddy for lunch, which always makes for a great day.

Recital Day...Rose was excited, but I don't think you can tell from this picture

 She did a great job during the Teddy Bear song and I was so proud of her (she's the third from the left).

I guess I didn't realize how long the recital would go, but Rose's first dance was second on the program and her second dance was the next to last...she was not so happy about waiting and kept asking to dance again!
Here she is in her cat costume for 'Everybody Wants to be a Cat'

Rose is the little black cat by the curtain. We had tried her costume on before and she had even practiced in it, but she complained that the legs were too long so I rolled them up, but them must have come down because she kept trying to pick them up during her dance; sorry baby girl :( She was still a super cute little cat and danced along with her teachers!

This was the aftermath following the dance recital. Rose said she had a good time and wants to dance again next year!

After my cuties woke up from their nap, we headed out to dinner to celebrate. Rose again loved seeing the guacamole AND she figured out how to drink multiple sodas at once!

The last big adventure for June (as if we weren't busy enough!) was a trip to VA to visit my sister and her family. Rose and her cousins have been counting down the days until our visit. Justin and I were also counting down the days until the long car trip with Rose :( We gave driving at night a try, and by 'we' I mean Justin, and it work pretty well.

We got to meet baby Colten and Rose couldn't have had anymore fun with Regan and Payton!

Rose went mini golfing for the first time...she got the ball in the hole every time...sometimes even with the club ;)

There was also this crazy fish feeding area where the fish just came up and opened their very large mouths for popcorn.

Yup, I think we found the largest pizza in VA.

Maybe baby Colten just passed a little gas?

Rose insisted on swimming every day. Justin even did belly flops...or as he call them dives :)

Rose was also super happy when she convinced everyone to play 'Ring Around the Rosey'. 

The Sunflowers (along with Rose and the chicks) and growing!!!

 Some other fun stuff from June:

Some Celebrations:
Happy Father's Day!

Happy 9 Year Anniversary!