Thursday, May 31, 2018

May...a month to remember ;)

There have been many memorable moments this month, although each month has many special memories, this month was a whopper :)

Let's start with the girls because our month was full of happy memories.

Although May had some rain, which was great for the garden, we took advantage of every sunny moment to have fun outside.

This about sums up Rose most days...Nana finds the perfect gifts :)

Rose had her first concert at school. There is something magically fun about watching a group of tiny people sing :)

Rose also participated in her 2nd piano recital. It has been wonderful to watch her learn new and challenging songs this year.

We had a family fun day at Tiny Town in Lancaster and Rose made lots of new friends :) 

I also got to help out at Rose's first field was it hot! but lots of fun :)

To keep it real Rose also had pink eye (aka stink eye)  early in the month and finished out the month with her first cold sore  ;( Plus we were both suffering from crazy snotty allergies...nothings perfect!

Now on to Justin...there were some highs and breaks ;)

Since I was still recouping from my broken knee Justin got to attend the kindergarten field trip, although there were some moans and groans, he had a great time! And so did Rose and her classmates!

The next day they went to the trampoline park and Rose had a blast!

 Now onto the breaks:

Justin broke his foot at the trampoline park.


After some surgery with a plate and screws all should be well in a few months

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Birthday Month!

April is the month we celebrate the nuttiest two members of our family...pictured below :)

 I can't believe this little girl turned 7 this month!

On our visit to Texas we had taken Nettie a dinosaur...Rose decided she would like a matching one. So one arrived as an early birthday present.

More evidence that these two are the silliest people I know ;)

And they are best buds! I am so glad that Justin and Rose have a close relationship and know that will come in handy as she grows up.

Our first birthday celebration was a party with school friends on the Art Bus! Rose and her friends had a great time making an Olaf gumball machine.

Rose also had a party with family and loved being with her little cousins!

And again these two :)

Then it was our turn to celebrate this guy! Rose decided to hang out with Aunt Kate while Justin and I hit up some local breweries. 

Rose also attended her cousins birthday party! Yay for birthday parties :)

We ended the month with some family fun!

And Rose decided to master bike riding now that she's 7 :) I can't wait for all the fun we can have this summer. 

Thursday, April 5, 2018

March and Texas

Happy March! It's been such a fun month some snow and some shorts (we'll get to that later!).

Rose and I enjoyed our March snow storm by making this cute gal

We loved having the bonus day to be together and have lots of fun!

And there's nothing better to warm up cold feet than new fuzzy LL Bean slippers!

We now all have happy warm feet :)

Rose and I also got to have a lunch date with Nana and Pop

And of course there was some breweries for daddy!

Rose is learning the art of origami with Justin, who we learned has a hidden talent for folding paper. 

They are also the duo for building doll houses. 

Rose had a special piano lesson getting ready for her recital in May

 So those packing peanuts...still lots of fun :)

Sunday Funday:

Trip to the zoo!
We met Bean the Sloth!

Love the otters

And got to see the new giraffe

Rose and I made a trip to the Reading Museum to see the Doc McStuffins Exhibit, which was lots of fun...

Then we came home and I fractured my knee...not so fun....

Although it was interesting adjusting to a fractured knee cap we didn't let that slow down our fun!
By the next Sunday we still celebrated Easter early with the grandparents.

Including Egg Dying

And a Beautiful (and sugary) Cake

Then it was off to TEXAS!

Our first full day was Wednesday. We stayed with one of Justin's oldest friends and his family in San Antonio and saw the historic sites: Alamo, River walk and had some fun at the children's museum.

 Thursday we had a Girls Day while the guys worked on Mike's project car. I think the mom's may have enjoyed feeding the animals for than the girls, but they had lots of fun too, especially in their matching dresses!

 Friday we said good-bye (which was not fun for the girls) and headed down to Corpus Christie. Rose loved staying in hotels with pools and Justin and I had an amazing seafood dinner....Rose ate corn dogs :)

Saturday we traveled around Corpus Christie and saw an animal sanctuary and local wildlife before heading to the gulf and eating some Tex-Mex.

How can the day not be awesome when it starts with a Texas shaped waffle? It was awesome with a trip to the Texas State Aquarium. I loved the dolphin show and sea turtles. Then it was off to Austin and one of the best meals of the trip!

 Monday was our final full day and we did what people in Austin do...played outside, ate at food trucks, found quirky things in the city, drank local beer, and watched the bats fly!

This was an amazing trip for us and so many sweet memories were made!