Wednesday, November 1, 2017

All things October :)

October was full of all things fall and wonderful :)

Rose and I had an ice cream date while daddy was working late...she completely demolished hers and some of mine!

There was another cute hairstyle, doesn't she look older (insert crying mom)!

We painted little pumpkins in the beginning of the month

We {finally} took a camping trip in the bus! I didn't know if 2017 was going to be the year, but she made it! We explored Hickory Run and it was close and beautiful!

Can you spot Rose escaping in the background? Where does she think she's going, we're in a boulder field :)

 We even had a great rainy breakfast and Rose has become quite the proficient chef!

We got a stash of new leggings from Nana including Halloween prints

And cute complimentary patters for Rose and I to wear together!

Although we have lived within a mile from our local fire department we have never been for a tour, until this year. We went down for Fire Prevention Week activities and had a great time learning to be safe!

Later that week we decided to carve the big pumpkins because we realized our weekends were quickly filling up!
In our house pumpkin carving includes power tools :)

Can you guess whose pumpkin is whose?

It was then on to birthday activities...that's a hint for figuring out the pumpkins ;)

I made my own cake with my two favorite helpers! No finished pics, but it was beautiful and tasty!

We ate the cake after breakfast with Nana and Pop (after all it's thanks to them I have a birthday!) and then spent the day at Knoebels!!!

And for being such a great birthday planner I picked Justin up some of his new favorite beer :)

We found lots of time to play...outside

and inside :)

We all enjoyed Disney on Ice for the first time...let me just say those skaters are no joke! I was absolutely amazed by some of their feats :)

Of course, when in Hershey, you go to Troegs!

Rose got to go mini golfing with dad while mom was at work

And they got ice cream afterwards

Roes has also made a sweet friend who we ran into while Trick-or-Treating :)

Rose enjoyed parties at school...can you find Rose?

We also had a great time trick-or-treating as a family. This was our first time all getting into the act, but i hope not our last! Rose got waaaaay too much candy which we will all be enjoying in the months to come :)

Sunday, October 1, 2017

September and new routines...

It's been a month with highs and lows: Rose this was probably not your favorite month at least Monday-Friday from 8:50-9:10am...or whenever you were able to adjust to your day at school. Just know I took you every morning not because I wanted to, but because it was the best thing to do for you! Love you lots!!

Now on to happier things!
We got to {finally} meet Nettie and visit with her parents. I am glad Justin and Mike are friends who keep in touch because I really enjoy Jen and Rose love love loves fun little girls ;)

We also made the most of our time with Rose, this month with lots of great memories for sweet Rose.

We mini-golfed and ate ice cream

Rose is mastering the monkey bars

And just enjoying the warm weather in September

We took a trip to the zoo and found Rose's favorite wild animal...if you ask her want she wants to be when she grows up she still says 'vet and penguin feeder" :)

We left daddy at home to do some house work, but took Daisy with us. I think the girls had a good time.

We also got to meet the new giraffe and Rose sure made him use all his tongue to get those leaves!

We met up with daddy and since he was such a hard worker treated him to dinner.

We planned a last camping trip and to use the bus since Justin assured me it was ready and we were only going 2 hours away...the bus, however, decided she was not ready...

Luckily Nana rescued us and we treated her to lunch. Justin then got the bus running again, but she was not getting a second chance, so we loaded the jeep and headed out again!

I'm really glad we still headed to Ricketts was later than we wanted to arrive and we had to set-up in the rain, but then it stopped and we had a great weekend!

Rose and I enjoyed some Sunday Funday at the Hands On House in Lancaster, she painted a cat on her face...someday she'll see this and wonder why I let her, but it was fun kiddo and you loved it!

Justin has been busy painting the house... finally!!!

Rose decided to keep going to gymnastics and piano this fall. I think with adjusting to everything else and having family time, this is just perfect for all of us.

She's doing a roll on the beam :)

Some other happenings during the month...

We also took donuts to meet Lydia, no Lydia did not eat a donut ;)

Then we decided to take donuts to see Elliana the next Saturday!

And Rose had her first school birthday party! It was fun to see the girls run around together!

Rose and daddy added a table tot her play house...because they can ;)

Pop also sent some blue tape home for Rose...she put it to good use :)

OH, and a fabulous development: sometimes, Rose let's me put her hair up!

Right now these are some of Rose's favorite will be fun to see if you remember this stuff when you're 20, but it's fun and we love you :)