Sunday, April 20, 2014

Eggs, Bunnies, and Birthdays

I know kids go through phases and that Rose may change her interests next week, but I really love that Rose enjoys playing doctor. Her favorite show is Doc McStuffins and she can open and put on her own band-aides (whether she really needs them or not!). 

Rose is also VERY close to turning 3 and a present from the Virginia branch of the Bechtel family arrived and I picked it up from my parents house on Thursday. I did *try* and hide it in the back of the Jeep, but once Rose saw it there was no stopping her!

Rose received a Baby Alive doll, which she absolutely LOVES! 

Rose really loves feeding the baby and then watching for the poop :)

Friday I had off and Justin worked until early afternoon. Uncle Matt and Aunt Jenni both had off and asked if they could take Rose to the Dora exhibit at the Reading Museum which worked out great, because I was able to prepare for Rose's first birthday party. We decided to split the party in two this year to have family at one and some friends at another because I just can't fit that many people in the house and Rose isn't a fan of big crowds :)

Since I did work all week, we kept everything pretty simple and Justin picked up the cupcakes on his way home. After Rose woke up from her nap, she sampled one just to make sure they were good enough for her guests ;)

Getting ready for the party...

Party Time! We had the Stillinger side over and our neighbors to celebrate. I can't believe my little baby is going to be 3 on Thursday!

Rose has worn this crown every year since her first party!

Saturday morning after the farmer's market, we headed outside while Justin grouted the tile in our bathroom. Rose is a HUGE fan of taking as much stuff outside as possible!

After lunch we headed to the Blandon Easter Egg Hunt with our neighbors. 

 Rose got to be in the 0-2 year old group, which was really good for her. Our little girl is not a fierce competitor and will gladly give her eggs to others! While either Justin or I walk with her at the egg hunts, she picks up all her own eggs and was very pleased with her haul :)

Sunday morning, Rose came downstairs to her Easter basket. We have decided not to tell Rose that presents come from anyone else than people who love her, so we told her that we got her some special presents to celebrate an important day. While I loved the dresses I got her, I think Rose's favorite item was the Doc McStuffins band-aides I found for her at Target ;)

There was one more Easter Egg hunt at church and now I think Rose expects to have egg hunts all the time :)

After church we went to Nana and Pop's for Easter lunch. Nana had already given Rose her basket and we were almost done when Nana just HAD to give Rose one of her birthday presents...
I wish we had taken a picture of her face when Pop brought up the box. We asked her who it was for and she immediately said 'ME'. We also said we should wait to put it together and her response was 'No, Now'. 

Needless to say, Rose did not take a nap today. So we made the most of the wonderful weather and spent the afternoon outside. In Rose's Easter basket from Nana were two baby slings. Here she is taking a baby for a walk, just like a little mommy!

We also got out all the toys from the basement and Justin got some new sand for the sandbox....yay, for sand all over my house...

Meow even came outside a few times to join in the family fun :)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

More Easter Fun!

We are all about having as much Easter fun as possible this year! 

This week we dyed eggs for the first time. To give something different a try we used all natural food dyes. It was suggested to let them soak overnight, but no way was that going to work with a toddler wanting instant results! I think they turned out pretty well and maybe we'll practice a few more times until next Easter to perfect our homemade dyes :)

The BIG Easter adventure was Rose's first train ride on Saturday! We told Rose all week we were going on a train ride Saturday and sure enough, all Saturday morning she kept repeating 'train ride'! We had a great time :) 
Rose loved the train, but wasn't interest in any pictures with the Easter Bunny!

 Rose did love the Peeps (especially the bunnies they gave out!)

We also spent as much time outside as possible! 
Nana took Rose to the green house on Wednesday, so we planted a few of Rose's containers

Rose loves her bubbles

Rose got silverware from the kitchen to set a picnic for her babies ;)

Back when everything was covered in snow I saw an idea on Pinterest for a water table with a sink. Based on past experience I figured the snow would have to melt eventually and that Rose would love her very own working water table for her birthday. Justin built it this weekend and we decided to let her have at it!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

New Experiences :)

Rose got to start and end the week with some new experiences...and have lots of fun in the middle!

On Monday we went to meet Ethan, my coworkers brand new little boy. He was not even a week old, making him the *newest* baby Rose has been around :) Needless to say, after going home, Rose has been in baby play overdrive!

 We enjoyed getting to spend LOTS of time outside this week, bring on the warm weather! Rose is perfecting her swinging. Just like her mama, she finds going side to side just as fun as front to back ;)

We also played with some toy bugs. If Rose finds a real bug, she grabs a tissue and tells daddy to flush it!

Rose is definitely MY girl :)

...unless she wants something, then she calls Nana :)

Rose has also been talking up a storm this week. I really think that even non familiar people could understand about 50% of what she says (I understand about 90% of it...).
We spend 10-15 minutes most days working on Rose's speech sounds.

We try to make it as fun as possible, including jumping on the words and then saying them :)

Saturday we started our Easter festivities with Rose's first 'official' Easter Egg Hunt...we've done a couple around home just for her ;) We went to a park in Exeter and Rose made out like a bandit! We stayed in the same little area and Rose picked up about a dozen eggs and got: 4 stuffed bunnies, 2 free kids meals at Moe's, and 4 prizes!

April is sure to be a busy month with more Easter activities and birthdays for my 2 favorite people :)