Friday, February 5, 2016

In with a New Year :)

We celebrated 2016 (a few hours early) but Rose had a blast with the hats and poppers!

A new year full of opportunities for health and happiness :)

On the health side...Rose is sometimes my little buddy for yoga...sometimes she just sits on me ;)

Justin and Rose have also become professional bread least for our house! Have you read all the ingredients in just a loaf of bread? Ours tastes better :)

Rose also loves to cook/bake! I think she said she was making her doll 'feel better juice'...

And we're still going to the farmer's market to find great food and Rose was excited to meet some of mommy's friends to take them around the market too!

Sometimes ice cream too ;)

Everyday with Rose is fun!!! Especially when there's snow!

Rose has been talking about snow since Christmas...even when we just had about an inch earlier in the month she was as happy as good be!

So when the BIG snow arrived Rose was ready (and so was mommy)!

Before we headed out to play, because I didn't even have a cup of coffee yet, we brought some snow inside and dyed it with food colors...that was fun, but didn't satisfy Rose's need for snow... SO

out we trekked! At least Rose and Tahnee were in bliss :)

When we had to come in to warm up, we made some banana bread with a couple extra helpers :)

BUT we had to keep going back out!

AND then coming in to warm up!
Snow Ice Cream turned out really yummy and I would definitely make it again.

And back out ;) Our chickens did just fine...I kept shoveling their area and they didn't seem to mind the snow at all.

And this little chicken was SUPER happy!

We didn't see much of Justin during the weekend, but Tuesday we finally got to have some family sledding time! It was Rose's first time really sledding and she loved it!

And what better way to end a snowy play day than with Justin's favorite meal?

 Can you spot the chickens sitting on top on their coop?

This little girl gets sooooo many 'daddy-daughter dates' while mommy is working...I don't get as many dates as she does, haha!!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Year in Review 2015

Here are our top memories from 2015:

First Camping Trip

3 Trips to Knoebels

Beach :)


Rose Starts Preschool

Another Year of Dance Class

Two New Cousins

Trips to Massachusetts and Virginia

New Pets!

Rose finished Speech Therapy!

Here's hoping for many more exciting memories in 2016! :)

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Merry Everything :)

December is such a fun month, full of special events and wonderful memories just waiting to be made with those you love! We enjoyed making some special memories (some that we've done before and some new to us) and spending lots of time together!

I felt that at 4 Rose has outgrown her baby stocking and we were all ready for some new family stockings. Well I found some adorable ones on Etsy...however, the price was not so cute, so I made these!!! Somehow I didn't end up following the pattern, but they still worked and Rose seems to love hers!!!

Our family Christmas Tree came from a new Christmas Tree farm, while I still love the one we have visited the past few years, we decided to support a local friend and Rose found us a beautiful tree!

Not to be out-shown by the tree, Rose insisted that she also get lights and a star on top :)

Once Rose parted with the decorations, the tree also looked wonderful!

And just like we have before, we made some fresh cinnamon ornaments for our tree; although I found some of last years and they still smelled nice too! This year Rose could cut them out and punch her own holes...mommy wasn't needed :(


We also added to our annual Rose ornaments! Looks how she's grown!

This year we also got Rose a Lego Advent Calendar, Rose has definitely caught on to opening a little door each day and she LOVED it! 

Along with the Lego countdown to Christmas, I have been doing a yoga challenge with a pose for each day from December 1-24, and some days Rose joins me :)

Rose and I also made it out to a local Poinsettia Show which was lots of fun with my sweet girl and she picked out a beautiful blue poinsettia to bring home :)

What a little cutie!!!

 We also decided not to do the Santa Train this year, mostly because we couldn't fit it in the weekend it was offered,but instead, went to the Winter Lights Spectacular at the Lehigh Valley Zoo. It was so awesome and Rose kept telling us how much she liked it!

We also did some DIY presents this year including a peppermint foot scrub

And some baked goods ;)

Rose love her Pop and to visit him at his shop!

In addition to Christmas it was also Pop's birthday! Rose picked out a really special gift for Pop and we made him a cake!

And in case you were wondering about Rose's chickens...they are still finding ways to escape!

Rose also had a Christmas Program at school, I am so glad she seems to love her preschool and she seems to do so well!

Rose also loves wrapping paper...not so much for wrapping actual presents as to wrap her toys and then pretend it's somebody's birthday!

Christmas Eve we celebrated with Uncle Jon and Aunt Kate...Justin made some life-size Jenga sets for presents this year and Rose thought they made great building blocks too!

CHRISTMAS.... Rose was counting down the days and woke us up, not to early Christmas morning!
She was so polite and thankful for all her presents it was so much fun for us!

After Christmas at home we headed to Nana and Pop's house. Rose kept asking Nana for a slushie machine...and of course, Nana delivered!

And then down to Grandpa and Grandma's house! Rose loved her baby cousin Luke and watching him open his presents on his first Christmas!

We also celebrated the day after Christmas with the Bechtel Clan!