Sunday, July 27, 2014

Weekly Update in Pictures! (and a few words...)

Monday: LOTS of playtime, including a doll house that mommy spent hours playing with when she was a little girl!

Tuesday: Rose was pretty sleepy all morning and so we enjoyed some extra snuggle time in mommy's bed before heading out to Rose's speech and riding lessons.

And here is the 'experiment' from last weekend...only the blue one really change color. We'll have to try this again with some celery. 

Wednesday: Long story short on Tuesday when Justin was on his way home to join me in going to the dentist, a piece of something flew in his eye and he ended up with a scratched cornea :( He had a 'sick day' on Wednesday, so after Rose's speech therapy we headed to the park to give daddy some more time to rest. By the time we got home he was feeling a bit better and suggested lunch out and Rose picked '5 Guys', which she says very well while holding all her finger up! We also traded in our phones at the mall and Rose insisted on riding the escalator at least a dozen times!


 I headed to work that evening, but not before getting dinner ready for them, which they seem to have loved.
 And they enjoyed some ice pops while watching the rain! I should have had a 'sick day' too!

Thursday: Rose and I again stopped at the park and fed the ducks and played on the playground. I feel very fortunate that we have several really great parks within 10 minutes of home.

Ask Rose what this flower is and she'll say 'hi-bis-kus'.

Friday: Rose and her baby were my shopping buddies for our trip to the farmer's market...

Then that evening she and daddy were ice cream date buddies!

Saturday: BEACH DAY! This time we headed to Avon-by-the-Sea for our day trip. Since it is farther north we were able to avoid a lot of traffic around Philly and Ocean City. We had a great day, despite some clouds and a couple rain drops. I think we may make this our day trip beach!

Sunday: We ended our week relaxing together and with another trip to a play ground :)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Monday Rose and I headed to a local country store where she loves to push the ‘baby’ carts! I feel very fortunate to live where we have pretty easy access to lots of fun and healthy food choices.  Since it was kind of rainy we spent most of the morning playing inside, but that does not stop Rose from having a really good time.

Tuesday Rose had her weekly riding lesson. I am not sure if she loves the riding or the ice pop afterwards more…but either way she seems to really enjoy it. 

After Rose's lesson we got to hang out with cousin Bruce, can't believe this little guy is already 3 weeks old!

(look at their little noses touching...Rose loves her cousin!)

Wednesday was a beautiful day! We got to play at two parks. Rose and I refer to the local parks as the ‘big’ park and the ‘baby’ park. We stopped at the big park first to feed the ducks and play a bit. This park is usually pretty crowded and Rose doesn't enjoy all the rowdiness of older kids, so after a bit she asked to go to the baby park. 

This park is just the perfect size for Rose to explore and usually there are only a few other little kids for Rose to meet.

On a side note: since I am now gone during most bedtimes, each week I record myself reading a few books for Rose to watch at bedtime. By now there are over 10 different videos to pick from. On Wednesday she got the iPad out and went to the video she wanted and found the matching book to follow along with a story :)

Thursday we again made our stops at the local parks. Rose had seen ducklings on Wednesday and was asking to see them again. Luckily we found them right away and they were swimming!

Friday has become our farmer’s market day with nana. Due to an accident my mom is getting a new car. No one was hurt and the accident wasn't even her fault ;) Right now nana has a loner and Rose LOVED all the buttons…she even learned how to hold the brake down and push the ‘start’ button…not sure that’s a good thing.

There's my silly little girl who wants to wear her daddy's shirt after bathtime :)

This weekend was GREAT! Rose and I never left our home and Justin only went out for a little bit. After all the business of last weekend and the usual week business, it was really nice to just spend time together taking it easy. That doesn't mean we didn't have LOTS of fun...

We started Rose's first experiment...check-in next week to see what happens!