Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekly Schedule

Settling in…well as much as we can to our very busy ‘regular’ schedule J
This week we started back with all of Rose’s speech sessions, dance class, and riding lesson (it’s a good thing I am home to chauffeur her around!). As long as the BCIU isn’t on break (that’s where Rose gets 2 of her 4 speech sessions weekly) or nothing else is canceled, the only week day with nothing on the schedule is Wednesday.

So here’s how the week looks:

Monday we started our day with a speech session and then headed off to Echo Hill...if you live in the area you really need to check out this store. It has a mix of amazing local and health products including raw milk and a TON of natural toothpastes. Rose wanted to bring her baby with us to push in the 'baby' carts ;)

We also stopped by the post office and picked up our new supply of water bottles, which Rose insisted on washing for use. (on a side note, the stand Rose has used for almost two years set on the highest setting, we now had to lower! my little girl is growing up)

And to finish our Monday fun, we made a delicious pumpkin cake. Really, it was super easy and very kid friendly since we didn't even have to get the mixer out.

We even got to enjoy lunch with daddy!

Tuesday we had our first session with our new BCIU therapist. Rose is making SUPER progress with her speech and I was a bit worried how a new therapist would fit into the mix. Rose warmed up very quickly and interacted very well with our new therapist and I was impressed with how organized she was and had some great new ideas to keep Rose progressing!
Rose was also very interested in tents and mommy made her an awesome tent for her and all her babies :)

Silly mommy decided to pick-up an overtime shift at work from Rose spent the day with grandma, so I could sleep. I picked Rose up after her nap and took every one out to eat! Rose, of course, picked 5 Guys ;)

Thursday we had another speech session and then after some play time at home headed off to Rose's riding lesson. There was a new little pony to ride and Aunt Kate gave Rose her lesson. When asked how she liked the pony she said he was 'bumpy'...because of his very short legs when he trots he was much choppier than a larger pony :)

We also got to hang out with cousin Trip for a little bit. 

Friday was another day full of fun and a speech session! We started the day by going through Rose's dress-up outfits and she pretended to go around the house 'trick or treating'. Lately Rose loves the Berinstein Bear books and there area  couple with the cubs going 'trick or treating', so I think that is where she got the idea :)

We have also started getting our veggie/fruit box again. Rose loves going through all the goodies when it comes. Oh, and she is a HUGE fan of kale chips :)

Saturday Justin and Rose went to a picnic at Uncle Matt and Aunt Jenni's...this was just a rues for sharing their exciting news that they are expecting their first child in May 2015! Rose is very excited to have another little baby to play with :)

This weekend was a bit chilly and Sunday Justin turned on the fireplace, love it!

We also had craft time Sunday morning and taught Rose about making new colors by mixing colors, usually she just mixes them all and gets brown!

We used our 'new' colors to make leaves on a tree that was drawn on her paper. It was a super fun fall activity and now I have new artwork for the fridge :)

Here are some fun Rose faces: 

Have a great week!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Beach Week 2014

We have now returned home and another yearly week at the beach is in the books!

This year we made several other trips to the beach, so Rose did not seem to have as much enthusiasm for the sand this week, but there were lots of other fun things (especially rides) that she really did enjoy. WE had a great time and have lots of fun memories to look through over the cold winter months ;)

In order to keep my sanity, I'll complete this post similar to last years by listing the 'high' and 'low' memory of each day and just a brief overview of our here we go!

Saturday- we packed the car FULL because I didn't want to do any grocery shopping with all the other holiday shoppers and headed out. We booked a new placed to stay in Milton, DE a few miles from where we stayed last year. It had a 3rd bedroom for when the grandparents came down and was closer to the bay and refuge.

High- the house Justin rented for the week waaaaay back in February is beautiful! This pictures don't show enough how peaceful the views of both the bay and refuge are from the third floor living area.
Low- although the trip down was uneventful we were quite squished with all our stuff!

Sunday- Justin's parents came down with us on Saturday and stayed until Monday. We enjoyed a very full day with them both at the beach and later at the boardwalk. We also started are daily visits with a blue heron who likes the area at the refuge right behind our home. Rose and I looked for him everyday.

High- Rose LOVED the rides at the boardwalk
Low- Rose did not get a nap...enough said!

Monday- it was really much hotter than we expected this week especially in the beginning of the week. We didn't do too much on Monday since we were recuperating from our busy weekend.

High- we found an awesome homemade ice cream place about 15 minutes from our house.
Low- Rose was a bit tired during the day and not agreeable to much...but came around with some coaxing :)

Tuesday- we spent the day trying to get Rose to go to the beach and just hung out around the house we she was tired of the beach.

High- we had to get a few things and so Rose convinced us to buy her a new baby stroller
Low- Justin and I would have laid on the beach for hours, Rose prefers to keep moving or go back to the house. We don't have any problem with mostly doing what she wants because we really want to make family memories with her, but maybe an adult only vacation is in our future...maybe.

Wednesday- I am pretty sure this was my favorite day of the week. We packed a lunch in the morning and all our beach stuff and headed to Cape Henelopen State Park for the morning/afternoon. We enjoyed the nature center, beach, a look out area, picnic, and bike ride before heading back for Rose's nap. We also headed out for more ice cream in the evening and enjoyed a beautiful evening walk on the beach.

High- the park has a 'bike lending' program which lets you use bikes for free to ride around the park. They had some equipped to carry toddlers and we took Rose on her first bike ride!
Low- there were some tears at the beach when Rose wanted to do something else and we weren't packing up quick enough her her. We had a nice conversation about letting Rose pick some activities and mommy/daddy picking some activities too. That seemed to work very well and Rose was a bit easier the rest of the day when we reminded her she would get the next pick as to what we would do.

Thursday- we gave Rose some choices as to how she would like to spend the morning before Nana and Pop would arrive after her nap. Rose chose to go to a local playground which was right next to a canal (you can see some of the ships in the background of the pictures) and visit a very awesome toy store where this mommy wanted all the toys!

High- Rose got a second trip to the boardwalk and TONS of rides. She seems to be out growing the kiddie rides and wanted multiple trips on all the bigger rides that she was tall enough for...even if they made mommy and daddy a bit queasy.
Low- We never got over to the beach :(



Overall we had a terrific week and if we decide to go back again for another beach week, I would definitely rent the home again.