Monday, November 28, 2016

Thankful November

 Rose started out the month with another cold, luckily her best pup kept her company and she was back to herself in no time!

 We celebrated/participated in all the events of the month:

Election Day- not going to say much here because this blog is about Rose. Rose: I'm sure you'll learn all about this election someday, hopefully when you do, the world has become a better place {hugs}!

Veterans Day- Rose made one of my worker's Banana Bread and a card!

SUPER moon, Rose is also standing on a new tin roof that Justin and his friends/coworkers installed. It's pretty lucky that for home projects Justin actually knows what he's doing :)

Friendsgiving at my work, Rose helped make the mashed potatoes!

And off to Virginia for Thanksgiving with the cousins! Rose was a super awesome traveller and so excited for this trip.

We always have fun and took some crafts to do with the cousins. 

Rose also made place mats with Nana for our big Thanksgiving meal. 

Lots of fun and memories!

We've also started getting ready for Christmas!

We also gave Rose one of her presents early, a bigger mattress for her and Lily to share :)

We also had lots of fun.
We went to out first movie as a family and Rose made it the whole way through!

 But mommy had to work when Rose and daddy made a trip to Shady Maple.

Play date at Chantel's playground

Fun with Lily at the park

Trampoline Park

All the pets are also doing well
 and we have a new little frog named Cupcake!

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