Monday, July 31, 2017


It's been a month a fun and enjoying the summer weather!

We enjoyed mini golf and fire works to celebrate the 4th!


Rose FINALLY started gymnastics this month! 

She's also becoming a pro on the ice!

Rose is harvesting her zucchini and has become a master zucchini bread maker! Even better than eating the bread is the memories we share while making it :)

We also have stayed very wet! Rose doesn't care how she cools off: hoses, balloons, guns, pools, or slides! It's all fun :)
And although it was hot, we enjoyed just a family trip to Knoebels

We also made our first trip to Lake Tobias. Rose, who due to a certain family member who hates snakes, has professed her dislike of them, finally met some snakes and decided that she likes them!

She also likes alligators...not sure what has started here...

But it was a great day that ended at Troegs, so all were happy :)

Rose had lots of fun with friends :)

Rose and Lily are best buds. Lily always finds a way to be close to Rose, even if it's just to take a nap ;)
And not to be forgotten the chickens also love Rose :)

I like the chicks too :)
BUT the fav pet of all is still Whiskers :) Rose is a crazy cat lady in the making!

Rose and Mommy have also been enjoying our summer time together as Rose prepares to start Kindergarten in less then a month....

Not to be left out, Rose and Daddy are also busy making memories!

Mommy and Daddy also enjoyed some alone time ;) which is rare, but enjoyed!

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