Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Tomorrow we are celebrating our first Mother’s Day due to the arrival of Rose two weeks ago :) It is so hard to even remember what life was like before she was born...
I have discovered in these two weeks that while I gave birth to Rose she does not belong to us, rather we belong to her! Every moment of every day since she came into our lives, not a moment has passed that we are not consumed with caring for her. Honestly, there are only a few moments in the day when we are not holding her! All the advice on sleeping when your baby sleeps, I get that now :) Meeting Rose’s needs consumes our day, being a stay at home mom (even temporarily) I can say is definitely one of the toughest jobs and I have a new appreciation for mom’s who do it all the time and have multiple kids! Here is a picture of our days...we get up between 5:30 and 6am depending on Rose’s last feeding. Justin and I shower (I insist on showering every day to wake up! and have a routine for myself. Justin is home with us until around 7:45am and makes sure I get some breakfast and coffee :) Throughout the day I am on a regular schedule with Rose: feed, change diaper, amuse/interact with her, and help her stay calm and sleep. Rose is usually more sleepy in the morning and will fall asleep after a feeding. In the afternoons, she is staying awake longer and longer and seems so alert! I put her in the Ergo and try to take her for walks around the house and outside. Usually in this she will fall asleep or at least be content. We are still getting to know our child and understand what she wants...but she is a really good little flower. She gives out cries when she needs something and we go through our list of possible things and then go through the list again and again! So far she has not cried for more than a few minutes before we are able to calm her. This is important to us as Rose is too young to be manipulative or spoiled and will only cry because she needs something, so for now at least, Rose gets what Rose wants as fast as possible! Justin gets home around 7 pm (this is due to his working in Allentown and I really hate that he gone soooo long!) we have dinner and continue with our routine. Justin changes all the diapers and holds Rose in the evenings to give me some free time. Justin and I head to bed anytime after 9 pm when Rose has a feeding and is sleeping. Right now we are allowed to let her sleep about 4 hours during the night, but she doesn’t sleep more than that right now anyway. So we get up at least once maybe twice during the night for feedings. I will admit this is the hardest part for me. I have NEVER been a night person. In college I was that nerd who was still in bed by midnight on the weekends :) The only consolation is that this gives Justin and I a little more time together as we talk or watch Netflix on the iPhone. Then we start the day over again...

So with that as background I totally think of this quote as my motto:
Having a child is surely the most beautifully irrational act that two people in love can commit.
-- Bill Cosby

 We refer to Rose as 'Baby Burrito' when we swaddle her :)

 Here is one of the few times we have been able to put her down for a few moments.

 She usually likes being in the Ergo and I have been able to vaccum and get some chores done!

 Wide awake and ready to play!

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