Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Snap Shots

Well we did it, FINALLY, we had a very uninteresting week followed by a lovely weekend :) Here are some pictures to prove what a great weekend we all had!

Rose eats cantaloupe like a big kid and she will just eat piece after piece all the way down with no teeth!

Rose also got some new summer sandals which she can take off all on her own, that may not be a super thing...

We discovered Tahnee loves the kiddie pool and yes, Rose and I are still in our PJ's :)

We spent LOTS of time playing outside...

...and inside

My mom and I went to tea at the Gilbertsville Tea Room thanks to a great deal from Groupon

And we ended the weekend with Rose's first trip to Grandpa and Grandma's pool and even daddy got it!

Well here's hoping for another boring week!!!

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  1. Tahnee looks so relaxed! We are due for lunch again!!