Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Snap Shots

Well this week was a bit slower paced and much enjoyed by this mama! Everyone is FINALLY feeling better and Rose is back to her very happy little self. In fact she has been so happy, she just starts giggling for no reason, but we love it :)

So what were we up to all week, you might ask?

Rose got a sandbox last Sunday and although she took a few days to warm up to the idea of sand in every nook and crevasse, she is now a pro at playing in the sandbox.

Uh-oh, she found another set of keys! Luckily she was spotted before she had a chance to put them in a special place where mommy and daddy would have to spend hours looking for them. 

Hide and seek in the door, why that's a great idea!

 Ok, I know this might sound a little strange, but last week I found a recipe for Avocado Banana Ice Cream. Yes, it does sound like a weird combo, but it is very delicious and healthy (I left out most of the sugar from the recipe).

Besides the sandbox, we just spent lots of time outside this week. We went for rides, walks, and just hung out in the great outdoors. Sometimes we almost feel trapped in the house, so it is really nice that we can now expand our play area to outside.

Oh, and we broke out the ball pit again. Rose got this as a gift from her cousins around Christmas time. After playing with it for awhile we packed it up until she was a bit older. Well we finally blew it back up and Rose has had the best time throwing her balls all over the house.

And what better way to end a great weekend then with a chocolate chip cookie :)

Justin and I also had our first 'home' date night. Why we didn't think of this months ago I will blame on him, but we picked up dinner from Chipotle and a movie from Redbox; so while Rose slept Saturday night we had some wonderful parent time. I also got to celebrate my friend Rachel's birthday this afternoon. Her husband threw a surprise party for her and rather then play party games we made jewelry :) I thought this was really fun and now have a new obsession with making jewelry in all my {spare} time!

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  1. Ballpits are super educational! Brahm learned his colors by playing in it. And he has now perfected the "Throw 20 balls then get out and clean up" game.