Sunday, August 19, 2012

Another week!

What a week!

Justin and I had not one, but TWO adult only outings this week :) I think the last time we were out together without Rose was for our anniversary in to get two dates in this week was amazing.

Last week I *begged* aunt Kate to stay with Rose one evening after she was in bed so Justin and I could go out for dinner. Kate came up on Tuesday, and although, Justin and my first choice for dinner was closed due to having no electricity, our second choice of Texas Roadhouse was delicious and we just enjoyed the time out together.

Sunday, my parents asked for more Rose time, so we had them watch Rose while we went and did some shopping.

Really bad quality pic...but the gist of it is: Rose with Nana's necklace on, relaxing with her cup. in an outside chair she just carried into the kitchen. WOW, she has it rough!

In between these happy dates, Justin, Rose, and I had Joe, Rachel, and Ethan over for a play date and dinner on Saturday. This was our first gathering with everyone, but it went TERRIFIC! Ethan and Rose played well in the same area together and even had moments of sharing :) We let Rose up past her bedtime because we were all just having so much fun.

Oh and I don't want to forget another fun day of the week: Wednesday! Nana comes to watch Rose at our home and in her *free* time she weeds my flower beds :)

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