Sunday, August 5, 2012

What a Weekend!

Rose had a VERY busy weekend! Here cousins came up on Thursday for the annual Bechtel Family Clambake on Saturday. Rose enjoyed all her time with her cousins and can't wait until September when we all go to the beach :)

Friday we took Rose to a park, there was a really HUGE slide she went down with daddy and I didn't get a picture, mommy fail :(

Yes, Rose is eating a Dorito...her cousins also gave her chips. I did pull the Hershey's Miniature out of her mouth though, I have to draw the line somewhere!

Rose also got to play with sidewalk chalk for the first time and loved it!

So did daddy :)

Clambake 2011 (look how Rose has changed in a year!)

Clambake 2012:

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