Sunday, September 23, 2012

{almost} 17 months!

Tomorrow Rose will be 17 months!! (I think after 18 months, I will not post monthly updates on development, but just keep everyone updated as big stuff happens)

Anyway, so what is Rose up to at 17 months? LOTS of trouble ;)

So, whether you agree or not, we don't have many 'rules' for Rose in our home. I feel that at this point Rose learns through exploration and so as long as she is not hurting anyone or in any danger (or potential danger), we try to let her, well just let her explore her world. Anyway this month Rose not only climbed up on the dining room chairs, but also made it onto the table (pull my hair out, now). SO we have established a rule of "No Rose on the Table". I sat her down and clearly explained to her why this was dangerous and where she could play that was safe. Since this discussion, she has only tried to climb on the table once, and stopped when I asked her to play with me on the floor :)
Rose is continuing to learn new body parts and this month mastered nose, toes, and is working on lips.
Rose can eat a whole container of yogurt feeding herself with a spoon.
She can also drink from a small open cup without any assistance.
As far as new words, Justin thinks he heard Rose say 'purple'.
Rose seems to be enjoying books more and she will bring me a book and sit on my lap to look through it.
Rose also enjoys playing with her stuffed animals and pretend play with her farm and dollhouse.
Besides climbing Rose is getting down stairs without assistance now and ALMOST running :)
One of the activities I took for Rose on our long car ride was pipe cleaners and large beads, she definitely understood what to do, but needed a little help to get more than one bead strung. 
Rose is able to follow TONS of one-step directions: give to... or get the...
At 17 months, Rose is amazing! She is still my baby and always will be, but I can't deny that this little girl is growing up so very fast.

So how did Rose spend her last weekend before turning 17 months?

Friday was the Oley Fair. We had seriously thought about taking Rose last year, but decided against it. This year she was able to enjoy some of the displays and the fair food :)

 Rose and I spent most of Saturday together since daddy had a play date (he and a friend picked up yet another VW and were out in the garage...) Rose has the best time crawling in her tunnel and waiting for me to run around to the other end and 'surprise' her.

Sunday Rose {finally} made it out to see Uncle Bruce and Kate at the farm! She really enjoyed watching the show and LOVED her first pony ride.

We ended the weekend with a *new* wagon and enjoying the beautiful weather outside.

On an end note...
Between Rose's 17 and 18 month milestones, I will be turning 30. YIKES! I know, I know, you think that just can't be right, that is very sweet; but yes, I will be 30 in a few weeks. SO, I have been doing a lot of thinking...and more thinking...and the fact that I have this much to think about leads me to realize that I am very blessed. I am blessed with so much, but without hesitation, I feel most blessed to be a wife and mother. If you asked me at 10 what I would want to be at 30, I probably would have said the youngest Supreme Court Justice...or at 20, I wanted to join the Peace Corps (I even got the application filled out for that once or twice...), but here at 30, I feel that I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing and I am SO HAPPY :)

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  1. What a fun weekend!

    Rose looks SO much like you in that last picture. And here on a recent fb photo I was thinking she looked like Justin. :-P