Sunday, July 14, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up

It was such a relaxing and easy going week/weekend, compared to the last few we've had lately.

Rose spent lots of time outside this week (as always).

Rose is eagerly awaiting red tomatoes (she did eat a green one this week...)
 (on another note this dress seems to be Rose's first favorite outfit, she picked it out 4 days this week, every time it was clean and in her dress stash!)\

She helps water and weed my flower beds. I won't brag about how large and beautiful my flower beds are this year. Really I don't have much to do with it. I picked native and hardy plants when planning the beds and so they don't need much attention, which is a good thing!

 Rose also dug in the dirt...

 And stomped around in it too :)

This weekend Justin also built the climbing wall as part of Rose's play house. In a few weeks my sister will bring up an extra slide she has, so Rose can climb up on side of the deck and then slide down.

Friday night we decided to head out for dinner. Rose has been doing much better staying seated at restaurants and so we can actually all eat at the same time :) Rose's favorite part was the chips and dip, she frequently used the same chip to eat as much dip as she deemed necessary :)

On another update, Rose has passed the 50 word mark! Part of me really thought we would never get there, but we have, and she keeps going. Rose is more willing to try to repeat new words and is using words as much as pointing or signs to communicate with us. She is still working on making some sounds and her clarity, but we are getting there :)

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