Sunday, April 27, 2014

Birthday Week!

It was a happy and kind of sad week full of great memories and some good-byes. We are so excited to spend each and everyday with Rose and realize each one is precious!

The day before Rose's 3rd birthday is when Early Intervention Services have to come to an end :( Our speech therapist, Jena, has been with us since Rose was 10 months! She has been with us as our baby grew into a little girl and now we had to say 'good-bye'. Rose will continue with her outpatient speech and we will also pursue services with the BCIU (they offer the next part of EI services).

As I always do, I took Rose's birthday off to spend with her. We started the day off with a speech session, a new episode of Doc McStuffins, and a trip to Learning Express!

Justin stopped home to join us for lunch and some outside play, before Rose took her nap (Rose is still napping and I'm very happy that she is! Some days it's an hour and other days 3. She is still going to bed around 8pm and waking up by about 7am)
After daddy was done for the day, Rose got a bath and we headed out to Moe's for her birthday dinner! Yes, she is wearing her PJ's, they are her favorite outfit to wear. 

Saturday was Kids Party Day (along with Nana and Pop to supervise)
The theme of the party was being creative with markers, paints, chalk...whatever :) We had 4 little friends, a baby, and their parents join us in celebrating Rose's birthday. 

Rose and I had made some fresh play dough for her friends in case we had to play inside. 

But with the beautiful weather, most of the party happened outside! The group activity was painting birdhouses...paint and birds, Rose was a happy girl!

We had a tasty lunch for everyone with grilled pizza. YUM!

Rose had a great time and I think her friends and their parents had just as much fun!

Is this not amazing? Nana crocheted Rose her very own Thomas the Train blanket! I would never have had the patience or diligence to make that, I'm glad Rose has her Nana :)

These were my favorite decoration for the party:
A picture of Rose each month of her life

And her 2-3 year old shadow box (it has some of her letter and number pages, a summer dress, PJ's, and sneakers, along with her horse show ribbons, train tickets, and our wrist bans from when she got her cast on! it was a busy year)

Sunday was also Justin's birthday. We mostly celebrated by taking the day off together on Friday, but Rose and I tried to make his day special (although she and I both have runny noses from allergies and I sound like a toad!)

Rose decided to wear her birthday crown a little more tonight, before I pack it away for next year!

Here's a years worth of our little girl growing from 2 to 3!
 April 2013

May 2013

 June 2013

 July 2013

August 2013

September 2013

October 2013

 November 2013

December 2013

January 2014

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