Monday, August 11, 2014

Wow Monday feels like a lifetime ago… I don’t think anything especially interesting happened, but Justin and Rose did pick me up a sandwich from next door (a perk of living close to a pizza shop) for my lunch the next day J OH and Rose is also still very into her money. Justin told Rose what my sandwich cost and she counted out the correct number of $1’s !

Tuesday it was more play time: with money, Rose’s stuffed animals (I have hauled two very large bags full of stuffed animals to the attic), and it was birthday party for babies day J

AND there was this little sign for me at work:

I am still finishing up some of my training, but I have delegate status and will be starting my Thursday through Sunday shift next week! Yay, for getting some sleep J

Wednesday we make a trip to the park where Rose tried some new things and we saw 5 baby ducks.

Justin and Rose also enjoyed their dinner al fresco in her playhouse.

Thursday after our very early speech session, Rose and I spent the day at home... you guessed it, playing with babies J

Rose makes her own baby food with some baking soda, water, and finger paint...daddy LOVES cleaning up this mess ;)

 Friday we had a lazy morning with no where we had to be, so after some playing at home we took ‘Brahm’ and ‘Anna’ to the park. Rose decided to name two of her babies after my friend Becky’s kiddos who she would like to get to see more often (hey Becky-don’t you want to drive down sometime?)

Saturday I picked up an extra shift (yay for overtime!), so we went to the farmer's market together and hung out until early afternoon when Justin and Rose went down to his parent's for Rose's nap while Justin helped his father build a new bridge.

Sunday did not go as planned. This was going to be the last week for the weekly Sunday posting, since I will now start my Thursday-Sunday shift, but after a morning of resting and house projects...I got stung by a yellow jacket around 5pm. In the first few minutes I thought it would be nothing but some localized swelling...that was followed by itching everywhere and burning in my feet. By the time Justin got back with some Benedryl, I was getting hives around my ears. I called my parents to come wait with Rose and an ambulance for myself. This was my very first ambulance ride and trip to the ER at least in 15 years! By the time Justin caught up to me at the hospital I had hives EVERYWHERE and was getting shot up with some steroids :) They made me stay until 11pm because apparently there can be a second reaction that usually occurs within 6 hours of the sting. It was after midnight until I was actually discharged. This was going to be my first night after 6 nights of working at home with my family...I was very disappointed, but glad that nothing worse happened. I now am the proud carrier of Epi-pens and get to shoot myself in the thigh and then get to the hospital every time I get stung by wasps/bees/yellow jackets or whatever else my body decides it doesn't like :(

Monday was a MUCH better day! I was so happy to be home with my little girl all day. We played, had a speech sessions, picked up more steroids for me, played a lot, picked up some paint samples, and went to the park! All before Justin got home to a dinner of pulled pork and green beans :) 

The master bathroom and bedroom have never been painted and Justin said he would paint the bathroom for me this week, so that's underway.

Last year Justin and I repainted the dining room for my birthday, so I thought this year the kitchen needed a boost in color and so that will be done by my birthday.

Painting the kitchen a deeper color, though, has lead me to feel that the dining room should also be a deeper color, so that might be added to the 'to do' list too ;)

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