Thursday, February 1, 2018

January...snowy days and happy family time :)

Rose adjusted to going back to school only to have TONS of snow days! That's ok, though, we found lots of ways, inside and outside, to enjoy our 'bonus' vacation days :)

And of course, snow is the most fun, with all the girls!

This guy doesn't want to play in the snow...

 This sweetie saved and saved her money until she had enough for her Big LOL Surprise! There were so many times I wanted to get it for her, but I am really proud of her for sticking with it and saving up!

Rose is also devouring the Junie B Jones series...I have to say I find them pretty enjoyable too, but I'm glad Rose doesn't try too many Junie pranks :)

Rose and I wore matching leggings from Nana, I'll have to add this book to our list to read!
Rose also tried out a new hair style for her gymnastics class, I'm not an awesome hair mom, but we're trying :)
Justin has also started tackling the stairway with his cute helper! except the helper is VERY messy :(

We enjoyed lots of fun together. Rose has become quite a roller skating pro and doesn't need a helper anymore, although daddy's hand is always reassuring :)

Cousin Luke came for a playdate, I think this is the only time I got these two to take a break!

We also found an indoor recreation park for mini golf, bowling, and an arcade to try out this month. 

AND a new brewery for Justin! But I really like beer too and Rose loved the mac n' cheese :)

 Another Sunday Funday we purchased a new set of Legos and had fun building them together!
We also went to Cabela's to see the BIG fish, but Rose fell in love with a cute little turtle hiding in the corner, can you find him? Also look at these two goofballs, this is how picture taking usually goes!

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