Saturday, August 6, 2011

Oh how life has changed…

So it was the day after our Bechtel Family Clambake last year that I took the pregnancy test… (the Clambake was a week earlier this year, but this is how I will always remember this historic event).

I had an idea I was pregnant and Justin and I decided to wait until Sunday to take the test…for some reason he woke up early and went to the bathroom connected to our room, so I was awake and went to the other bathroom…ahhh, and it was POSITIVE!!!

SO we went back to bed and kind of just laid there in disbelief…as stated before we really were not planning a baby, maybe we would discuss it in a couple years... but as often happens the best things happen when you least expect it. ;)

Laying there in bed I don't think either of us knew HOW MUCH our lives were about to change. Honestly, we were very happy together and each enjoying our own interests. We could pretty much make plans at the spur of the moment or blow a bit of money on something frivolous and not worry. I had really little contact with newborn babies and just thought they would sleep in their crib unless they were eating…(as you know Rose slept nowhere but in our arms that first month!) 

How life has changed…it was sooooo fun to have our little secret for the first few months before telling friends and family.  I loved my pregnancy and don't think it could have gone better. I felt great 99% of the time; except for being more tired by the end of the day, really not much changed. The little flower growing inside made the cutest little bump! Even birth was a wonderful experience. Honestly, when thinking about having a baby, this was what scared me the most…getting the baby out J But it was GREAT!! Never have I felt more emotions at once, I just can't describe everything I felt as I met my little girl for the first time. AND I was thrilled when our parents came and to see how in love they were with the newest member of our family.


There is baby stuff in every room in the home, each vehicle, and all over the grandparent's homes. Life revolves around producing milk, changing diapers, and ensuring Rose is happy when awake and getting enough sleep. We have gone out a couple times, but mostly are happy to be at home and relaxing as a family. We are so impressed with how our little flower is growing and just don't want to miss anything!

Just a year ago we could never have imagined what life would be like now…what will it be like in another year? 

Pictures from Bechtel Clambake 2011 :)

Rose and her first clam! 

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  1. I love this post! Rose is getting so big. I need to see her again soon.