Sunday, August 21, 2011

What will Rose be like as a Teenager?

This weekend we had aunt Kate and a friend (Maggie) stay at our home, kind of like a B&B for the weekend...they slept here and I fed them breakfast :) They also did get to hang out with Rose a bit, seeing them all together made me think about what Rose will be like when she is a teenager...
Will you like sports or take dance classes?
What about an instrument? Grandpa would like if you played the violin, he is still kind of upset that I quit that...
Maybe you will be really into working on cars with your daddy.
I hope you will like to cook and bake with me... or at least do my dishes ;)
YOU have to love Fiesta with Nana and me so we can take a girl trip to visit the factory.

Here are some pictures from Rose's weekend:

 Rose and the teenagers :)

 Doing some GREAT tummy time...for those who are not 'friends' on Facebook, Rose rolled over for the first time on Thursday night from belly to back and she is SOOOO close to rolling back to belly...

 Looking cute in her hat from daddy!

 Lots of lovin' from mom

 We finally went for a walk at the Reading Museum...but you fell asleep...

 Then you woke up for a little bit!

And you were such a big helper folding the laundry (that is a CLEAN sock)

And just for fun here is a video of Aunt Kate making you laugh :)

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