Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Snap Shots

Ok, so the week didn't start out great and it didn't end well either...
Poor Uncle Matt is back in the hospital. He was in severe pain and it was decided to take him back to the hospital early this week. Matt had blood clots in both his legs. He had to go back on blood thinners and be closely monitored, but hopefully will return home early this week. Also while he was in the hospital they realized his pinky was broken and will be taking care of that too :)

Then poor little Rose ended up sick at the end of the week. Friday morning when we got her up her crib looked like a blueberry horror movie. She never cried or screamed to let us know anything was wrong! We had checked her around 2am and she was fine, but boy did we smell it when we walked in her room. Ok, so we cleaned her up, fed her, and she seemed ok so off to child care we went. Well, right as I am opening the door, BARF! Ok, so poor little Rose had a sick day home with mommy on Friday. She was definitely not herself because all she wanted was to be held all day and took lots of naps. She had a fever and her eating was definitely off. Justin came home early from work to help out because wow, did I need a break! I was prepared to be up all night with her, but the little sweetie slept all night and had no fever in the morning.
Yesterday and today she has still not been eating great, but we get her to drink lots of fluids. She has also had diarrhea, which is such a change, because usually we are so worried about her getting constipated!
Anyway today she really seemed back to herself, except for eating and the diarrhea, so we decided to head out and get some fresh air...well, she threw up in the car. So, lesson learned, she was not ready for that!

On another note, I was really happy to unearth the treadmill and get some desk space back :)

Here is Rose getting some story time with her daddy on Friday. Yes, she is in her PJ's (mismatched PJ's at that), because when you're sick that's what you get to wear all day!

And here she was today, acting a little silly putting her stuffed animals on her chair and then just watching the fan spin.

So I hope Rose feels all better soon, but she is either spending Monday with grandma or daddy. I love her, but after 72 hours in the house with her, someone else gets a  turn!

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  1. The evil side to daycare. :-(

    Sorry you aren't feeling well, Rose. Hope tomorrow is a great day and mommy gets a break!! This mommy knows that feeling too! ;-)