Monday, May 28, 2012

...and more

I would really like to post something like 'not much has been going on around here lately', but that doesn't seem plausible in the near future.
So Rose finally got over her stomach bug by Wednesday, but then Justin got it...then grandma and I got it, then papa got it, and now nana has it! We are calling it the Revenge of Rose :)

Amidst all this sickness there has been some VERY good news: Rose is done with child care! So after a whole 3 days between 2 weeks, Rose can go back to being with grandma most of the week. I am sure we are going to have to have some creative solutions while uncle Matt is recovering (get better quick!), but I think this will still be much easier on Rose (and mommy).

Luckily we were all feeling better to enjoy our long weekend together. We took Rose to the Boyertown Farmer's Market on Saturday morning where she found some delicious strawberries to feast on.
 And share with Tahnee...

 I also {finally} broke in my tart pan that I have had for well over a year, maybe two, to make an apple tart. I REALLY enjoy watching Food Network and this was a recipe from Ten Dollar Dinners. I also kept the baking theme going and made some peanut butter cookies on Sunday, go me :)

Monday Rose and I had a swim date with Rachel and Ethan. This was Rose's first time in a pool since last year she was just too little. Rose stuck her feet in a bit and held on to me as we walked around the pool. Neither Ethan or Rose were big into the pool, so we spent most our time outside.
You cannot really see it in these pictures, but Rose is wearing a super cute cloth swim diaper. While we are old pros at cloth diapers, this was our first chance to use a cloth swim diaper and a reason to finally buy some new diapers :)

Several weeks ago Rachel and I spoke about cloth diapers and she gave them a try through a no commitment cloth diaper trial offer. Well Ethan is now 90% cloth diapered and Rachel feels it was a great choice for her family. I LOVE when another momma decides to try cloth diapers!!

Justin was also busy this weekend. We have now totally gutted the stairway to the second floor and removed the stairs going up the the back roof.

Monday evening we enjoyed dinner at the Stillinger household and Rose got to visit with uncle Matt.

See this is becoming a really long blog...
Rose turned 13 months this week, unfortunately I was not feeling well Thursday, so I decided just to roll everything into this blog post.

So here are some new things Rose is up to:
-walking without the zombie arms
-picking up and throwing a ball
-no bottles during the day
-climbing on furniture
-learning body parts
-stacking a few blocks
-kissing her babies
-starting to self-feed with a spoon
- Rose still has no teeth, so we continue to enjoy her gummy smile :)
-BABBLING! Yup, that's right, our little girl has FINALLY found her voice :) In the past week we have heard: ba, da, and ma. Also some random n and l sounds. She seems to enjoy making a clicking sound with her tongue too.

This has come in really handy as Rose is now obsessed with talking on the one has to be on the other end and sometimes she doesn't say much, but just walking around with the phone seems to be fun!

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