Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve

Rose has had a busy few days leading up to Christmas. On Saturday we met Anna for the first time! Brahm is a super big brother and Rose enjoyed playing with his toys. Mostly they engaged in parallel play, until Rose realized Brahm had glasses, then the chase was on (luckily Brahm wanted to be chased)!!!

Rose is teething and miserable :( Her little nose keeps running and she is very unsettled. So it was a nice distraction to have pizza and presents with Kate and Jon on Sunday night.

I LOVE Christmas Eve :)

I think the day before is even more exciting than Christmas because of all the anticipation and preparation for the festivities, plus we usually get some presents on Christmas Eve too, so that doesn't hurt either :)

Christmas Eve also marks the 1/2 year for our wedding anniversary, so Happy 6 1/2 Years to us!

Our little Rose is also 20 Months old today :)
Here is just a quick update on her development:
-using 8 word approximations/words consistently
-using another 10 words sporadically and making a lot more sounds
-starting to pick out 2-3 colors (I think blue and purple are her favorites)
-wonderful pretend play with her dolls and stuffed animals
-can drink from an adult cup with no spills
-likes frozen peas and blueberries
-tried fish for the first time and liked it
-always points out the moon
-runs, climbs, kicks, and throws
-does things on purpose to get us to laugh

We spent Christmas Eve with Grandpa and Grandma after installing a new dishwasher for Nana (if you need a dishwasher go to Clarks in Fleetwood. Then Justin will show up with your new dishwasher, install it, and take the old one away for you!)

Rose enjoyed all her presents and LOVED fondue :)


Rose has already received bunches of new toys all month, after tomorrow there will be a sudden decline in wrapping paper and bows, she might not like this...

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