Sunday, March 10, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up

This post will be brief, I am FINALLY starting to feel better and there is lots of stuff I need to get done.

Wednesday- I woke up with a fever (can't remember the last time I had one of those) so I stayed home and made a doctor appointment. By lunch time Rose also had a runny nose and fever, so Papa took us both to the doctor. Luckily Rose still has not had a single ear infection :), but we were both placed on medicine and told it would take 48-72 hours before we started to feel any better.

Thursday- I stayed home to rest and Rose went to grandma's. It's really hard to rest with a cough and runny nose, but I did take it pretty easy and dad brought me some chicken noodle soup :) Rose, however, would not let a cold slow her down and when she came home, I rocked her for 2 hours while she took a late afternoon nap.

Friday- We decided to take a family sick day. Justin went to work in the morning, but was home by lunch to care of his sick girls. I held Rose for a 3 hour nap in the morning and a 2 hour nap in the afternoon. Let me tell you, she is no longer a baby! She is heavy and hangs off my lap with her big girl legs.

Saturday- I think we all started to show some signs of improvement. It was hard to be too energetic though, since someone wakes up coughing about every hour at night, we hadn't slept well in days... Rose did enjoy the warmer weather and sunshine a little bit.

Sunday- Rose again took a 2 hour nap in my arms in the morning, but did lay down for an afternoon nap in her crib. She and daddy spent a bunch of time outside in the fresh air and we totally cleaned and sanitized the house!! Hopefully this is it for sickness this season.

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