Sunday, April 21, 2013


We spent the week, and really the entire week, getting ready for Rose's party tonight! While we were busy with that, Rose managed to have lots of fun during the week too!

 (While Rose does loves playing with dolls and play dough, she has also become very interested with playing in our cars. Pushing buttons and going in and out of her car seat  For anyone worried, the car was parked and should Rose have decided to exit out the window, I was right there!)

Rose and I also went to the local playground with Nana on Wednesday to take a much needed outing in the beautiful weather!

But other than that we were all down to birthday business!

We even had Rose help make the favor for her party guests!!

Saturday night we had Aunt Kate and Uncle Jon for dinner and a 'mini party'.

Then Sunday it was the BIG party!
We had a photo display to show how Rose has grown since last year

Lots of yummy food that I was busy making all week :)

And yummy desserts! (the cupcakes are supposed to look like nests with eggs in them and the cookies are in the shape of a birdie)

Here are the favors: toilet paper roll smeared with peanut butter and then coated with bird seed)

Rose got lots of wonderful presents from her family:

Yes, Uncle Josh got Rose a Tiger that is bigger than her! But she loved it :)

Great-grandma Bechtel also made Rose her very own little apron, we will treasure it!

Papa also made Rose her very own picnic table!

Rose was SO pleasant and happy the whole evening, who wouldn't be when she's the center of attention?

So here is the present from mommy and daddy, thanks to an idea from Pinterest.

It's her very own house (yes, there is a light on inside, complete with a switch at Rose height)! And just like mommy's house, it's not done yet. Justin really worked hard and Rose can definitely play in it and have a lot of fun while we get it finished (windows, ceiling, door, rock wall, inside walls, and slide...and whatever else I think would be fun!)


  1. Wow, sounds like a wonderful party. Happy Birthday Rose!

  2. Happy Birthday Rose! You are so loved!! :-)