Sunday, August 18, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up

We are on the final countdown to beach week 2013 J I feel like EVERYONE else has had their vacations and I have kindly (jealously) listened to what a wonderful time they had…now it is {almost} our turn!!!

While we will definitely enjoy our time away, it’s been busy at work and home planning for a whole week off. We have even started packing some items and I definitely have several lists! (this really shouldn't be a surprise for anyone who knows me, I have actually started planning Rose’s 3rd birthday)

Our week was pretty typical... lots of playtime and silliness :)

Friday was different however, due to Grandma deciding it would be fun to go camping for the weekend, Rose got to split the day with daddy and mommy. Justin took off until noon to stay with Rose while I attended several meetings. Since I know lots of activities for children in the county due to my job, I told Justin to take Rose to the Muhlenberg Library for a play group. Justin said Rose had a great time and even saw a little boy who is in our music class. After the parent switch so Justin could go to work in the afternoon, Rose and I had lunch, went for a walk, and she took her nap. After she woke up we played and had her monthly occupational therapy session. Our OT was excited with all of Rose’s new words and with Rose rolling a piece of grass between her fingers J Justin was home in time for dinner and we enjoyed the evening together. 

Due to working only a half day on Friday, Justin decided to put a couple hours in Saturday. So  I got Rose up and we started our day after daddy had left. Rose and I took a quick trip to Target…I think I take her there too often, because I told her when we got to Target she could get out and as soon as she saw the Target sign she started pointing to it and saying ‘out!’.  We also had a mini play date, when a friend from high school came with her daughter to purchase some of Rose’s diapers. It seems Rose is really potty trained, although we do have an accident here or there, besides nap time and bedtime, she is in panties.

Rose decided not to nap on Saturday…she did lay in her crib for about an hour and rest, but never really fell asleep. It gave me enough time to make some things for our music class picnic on Sunday, but then we were up and playing again. After Justin got home from work, I put him to work, putting up the shelves in our office. We have almost lived here for 5 years. In those 5 years we have slept in every room upstairs (this is our second and final time in the back bedroom), totally lived on the second floor, had a kitchen upstairs and downstairs at the same time, had two bathrooms (but not the same two locations), and could only get to the second floor from the outside stairwell…we’ve been through A LOT in this house J We are {finally} using every room in the home as we have intended and except for our master bath, there are no other total remodels waiting to be done. We have accomplished so much in 5 years…I really hope in another 5 I can say we’re all done (fingers crossed).
My office space :)

Sunday after Rose’s speech session we got ready for our music class summer get together. We didn’t have any classes this summer, but will start up again in September, so this was a way to reconnect with everyone and get excited for classes again J

We also enjoyed a delicious meal at nana and papa’s on Sunday night, and Nana found Rose some daddy approved ice pops :)

So my next post next Sunday will be from the beach…

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