Sunday, February 16, 2014

nothing says LOVE like lots of white stuff :)

Nothing cures the winter blues like thinking of my favorite things (you can just imagine Julie Andrews singing…I will NOT be singing in this post!).

So here’s a list of things that put a smile on my face:

Spending time together every day, although with Justin plowing some days it’s not much time L I am very grateful that I get to see Rose and Justin every day and that most days we have dinner together and a quiet evening at home.

Hardwood floors; with a hubby, toddler, dog, and cat I am so happy not to have carpet stains to clean when there are messes J

Oh, and our fireplace. With our old drafty house the addition of this gas fireplace keeps up nice and toasty!

Cute clothing for Rose J I love dressing Rose up in cute outfits, really no matter what I am wearing, if Rose is wearing something fun, it’s starts the day off great! I like to shop around at local stores including thrift stores and have some favorite online stores: LL Bean, Lands End, and Tea (those are mostly thanks to Andrea whose little girl is always very stylish!) and shhh, don't tell Rose she is getting some new cute dresses for Easter :)

ALSO detangler spray for Rose. Lately Rose has decided to sleep with porcupines and boy does her hair look like it in the morning :)

Vacations! I think we will be taking an early (short) beach trip this year along with our typical week later in the summer. I need something warm to look forward to with all this snow and Justin being gone so much to plow it :( So, maybe we'll go somewhere May or early June...even that seems far off right now. (**update- since I started writing this post on Saturday, Justin said we could go ahead and make some vacation plans!!!)

Simple little things that add up to wonderful moments and memories! Friday was Valentine's Day and due to being stuck at home, Rose and I made Justin his Valentine's Day card. I think it's much better than any Hallmark card we would have found!

AND Justin also gave me a homemade card :)

Luckily Rose seems to be happy no matter the weather ;) We did get to enjoy a long weekend together since besides a few hours of work, I stayed home Thursday and Friday. 
We kept ourselves busy...

Playing babies

Making cookies

Rose also got to enjoy some time out in the snow with Justin 

Tahnee LOVES this stuff!

and making some new play dough 
(we love to put cinnamon or vanilla in the play dough so it smells wonderful!).

Justin thinks we have around 16 inches of snow (inches...I think we really need to make the conversion to metric, but that's getting off the point). I hope everyone stays warm and safe and to whoever is wishing for snow...go away!!!

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