Sunday, May 11, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up and Mother's Day

Rose was up to her usual playfulness this week :) Maybe we are more easy-going them some and it's probably a lot easier since there is only Rose, but typically unless someone will get hurt or something damaged, we let Rose explore and play (always with a parent close by!). Lately Rose has been setting up a picnic outside for her stuffies or dolls as I get dinner ready. She likes to get all the plates and utensils in her drawer and some real utensils from the drawer above hers. I did have to wash some silverware before dinner this week, because the little cutie emptied the WHOLE drawer!

Rose also helped get out some warmer weather clothing for me this week...she also got naked and tried on some of mommy's clothing ;)

Oh, and she decided to have a siesta on the porch swing too! I hope Rose is enjoying her childhood, because I really am :)

Saturday night we went out to Red Robin. Justin had his free birthday burger coupon that expired if it wasn't we used it :)
Rose assisted daddy in coloring while we waited for our burgers. 

 Justin also got a birthday sundae...Rose was all about the whipped topping

After dinner we went shopping to finish up our Mother's Day gifts. My family is kinda weird...we like to make my mom cry. Really we judge our success at gifts and tell stories about how much mom cries :)
I wanted to give my mom a replica photo of her with me and me with Rose. I got my baby picture book and decided on using pics from our first Christmas. The pics aren't exactly the same, but I think it;s kinda fun that mom is also in the pic of Rose's first Christmas. 
ANYWAY, she cried, a bunch! So I win :) 

Happy Mother's Day!
(yes, we are wearing our matching skirts! Rose pointed to hers and mine and said 'match'. then she pointed to a freckle on my arm (I have tons) and one on hers (she only has about 5 on her whole body) and said 'match' again. she is totally my girl!)

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