Monday, November 24, 2014

A day late...

As you'll see from our pictures this week, we've had to move our activities inside...Rose has not done this willingly, but I've been sick and it's just too cold!

As usual our play has involved babies...if you've read this blog only a few times you must have known by now that's what Rose loves!
So we took them shopping...

Had a tea party with them for their birthday's...

Baked them a cake and then did the dishes...

Rose did have her own snack...daddy ok'd this ;)

And helped mommy make some yummy homemade whipped cream too! If you've never tried it, just get heavy whipping cream and whip! (but not too much or you'll end up with butter, that's what my mom told me...)

Thursday was a sick day for mommy ;( but getting to spend any extra day with my girl was the best medicine. Rose went with me to the dr and took great care of me all day. She thought cupcakes would make me feel better, so cupcakes were made!

She also thought some fresh air and sunshine would help mommy!

And playtime, we had lots a playtime, to take mommy's mind off being sick.

Friday more play time! I'm not sure if Rose will remember all the awesomeness of her childhood, but I will!

Saturday Rose woke up with a runny nose, luckily when we were at the doctor's together on Thursday he said this was very likely and just to call him and he'd get her started on something too. So that's what we did!
Saturday Rose had nap at grandpa's followed by a haircut! I did not intend on Rose having bangs, until she could request them on her own, but this girl hates hair clips and we gave it a try.

Luckily, Justin said Rose said she: 'loves loves loves bangs' and 'look how cute'.

 Sunday was our day together and I think between our cold's and the medication, Rose and I were both a little loopy...well mostly her and boy were Justin and I exhausted trying to keep up with our sick little girl!

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