Saturday, March 24, 2012

11 Months

Well this is it, the last one before we reach the one year mark. Never again will your age be measured in anything less than a year :) What a {almost} year it's been! Never have your daddy and I gone through so many firsts and been so happy! We are busy planning your first party to celebrate everything Rose!

I think the biggest change this month is your sleeping. You are now sleeping without the swaddle and in a room by yourself. It just changed this past week when I thought your daddy and I were going to go crazy :(  I have read SO MANY books on sleeping methods and just didn't find the one that seemed to offer a good fit for us. Last week another mom recommended the Sleep Easy Solution by Jennifer Waldberger and Jill Spivack and after reading it I thought we might give it a try this weekend. This book was just about sleep and provided charts and plans to follow. Also it was written from a parent's perspective, and gave lots of support and encouragement that I needed. Well Monday we rocked and swaddled you, but no matter how tired you were, you would not sleep. So we gave the steps a try. I don't think this was a great way to start it, but you did really well and after about 15 minutes of wondering what was going on you were out! So now we start our routine around 6:30-7pm and you are in your crib and ready to sleep by 7:30pm. We decided anytime after 6am that you wake up we will get up, but most days you are still sleeping at 6:45am, when we have to wake you up! Except for this morning when we all slept until 8am! I cannot tell you how wonderful it is that we are all sleeping at night. I think a good night sleep is making everyone happier. You seem so much more pleasant during the day and even your naps are better. 

During this month we are also going to start your transition to other milks. I have taken great pride in being able to supply you will all the milk you have wanted over the last 11 months, but I am really excited that the end is near. We are going to be using some cow's milk and also Hemp milk. I am still doing some research about alternative milks (not a fan of soy) and think that a combo of these two is going to be our best bet. You continue to eat well and are eating more and more table foods. This month some of the foods you have tried include: rice, beans, beef, kiwi, and white grape juice. You love to feed yourself and eat off of our utensils. You are going terrific drinking from a straw, which is really nice when we go out to a restaurant that we don't have to carry a sippie cup around. 

You are so very active. You are crawling or cruising everywhere and it is so hard to get you to sit still! You are taking unassisted steps, although, I wouldn't say you are walking just yet. You love to play with lots of different toys. Anything that has light or noise is always a favorite. You are also a fan of uncovering things and dumping. And of course, Tahnee is your bestest friend :)

We are still waiting for some clear and consistent consonant sounds, although we think we may have heard a random 'm' and 'b' sound, so maybe they are coming… Maybe one morning when I come to get you out of your crib you could say something like: "Mother, I slept really well and am so happy to see you this morning." Just a thought...

For everyone wondering about teeth…what teeth? Maybe these will make an appearance by one and maybe not! Don't worry either way you can still have some cake :)

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