Thursday, March 8, 2012

WALKING....not talking

So today Rose took her first unassisted steps...(ok, for some reason this made her very angry, but she still did a GREAT job!)

So while we have a super motor baby, Rose is still lacking ANY consonant sound... 
Rose has great hearing (she passed her formal hearing screening yesterday) and in 4 of her 5 developmental (social, cognitive, motor, and adaptive) domains is right on track or better (based on the Battelle II used by Early Intervention), BUT still no consonant sound, so that gives her a delay in Communication and qualifies her for Early Intervention Services. Rose will get to have an hour of speech therapy every other week until she is meeting age appropriate milestones. We had a terrific time with the team that was out this morning to conduct the evaluation and Justin and I got lots of tips and encouragement :)
Rose you are definitely a beautiful and sweet little girl and I am sure soon we will be wishing for a moment of quiet, but YOU NEED TO TALK!!

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    And Heather I love your mom voice!! hehe