Monday, March 21, 2011

another new dinner

I *promise* that I will not be posting what I made for dinner every night, but this week is exciting with the box of vegetables and fruits that I am forced to either use or throw away (and I do not plan to throw anything away!). So onto what I made tonight...
I used lemons, potatoes, and yams from our box and made pan-fried lemon chicken (I kind of just put a couple recipes together for this) and rosemary mashed potatoes and yams (

Again the measure of success is whether Justin liked it...and he did!!! He went back for seconds of the potatoes :) I did promise him years ago (can you believe we will be married 5 years in June?) that I would do my best to keep dinners new and interesting; this week I think I deserve an A+. Tomorrow night I am going to tackle the beets...I'll keep you posted on that one!

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