Sunday, March 6, 2011

SHOWER and 33 Weeks :)

Saturday Baby Rose was showered by our friends and family!! A HUGE thanks to my mom, Connie, Becky, and Kate for organizing, decorating, and holding a beautiful shower!! It was wonderful to see so many of my family and friends and share in this special time celebrating Rose’s pending arrival. I was overwhelmed by the thoughtful gifts people blessed us with for Rose.
My sister had a special outfit for Justin to wear when he changes diapers! 

One of the games was to guess how big my tummy was... 

Baby Rose got LOTS of presents :)

(I will post more pictures as soon as I get see Justin had the camera and he did not take pictures so, right now I only have a few!)

How far along?  33 weeks, in only 4 more she will be full-term!!
Maternity clothes?  It's still a mix....although to be honest a few pair of stretchy pants I was wearing are no longer comfortable
Sleep?  Good, I am trying to get all I can now...
Best moment last week? Baby Shower :)
Movement?  I am pretty sure *fingers crossed* she has assumed the head down position. Up until this point she was laying transverse and I have to admit it was really pretty comfortable all things considered. Now, while I am really glad she is getting ready for her entrance, I have felt some jabs to the ribs which are not so fun. Also with her change of position I feel that I stick out much more and this has made bending over not so easy...
Food cravings? ooo I love so much food: chocolate, smoothies, cake, veggies and fruit
Labor signs? None! But I am aware of when I am having Braxton Hick whole stomach feels hard and all of a sudden I will feel short of breath.
Belly button in/out? IN
What I miss: Bending over to pick things up off the floor
What I am looking forward to: One more birthing class
My thoughts:
This past week Justin and I attended our 4th birth class, the class covered reasons for cesarean sections and complications in labor...not a really a happy topic, but something we feel better knowing more about. I think I will leave it at that.
After the shower Justin and I were busy for the rest of the weekend washing clothing and sorting items to organize in the nursery. We feel very fortunate to have received many wonderful and useful items, we only had to make a quick trip to pick up a few items we would need for Rose’s arrival, and we feel very ready for her arrival!

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