Friday, June 24, 2011

5 years + 2 months =

One Happy Little Family :)

Today Justin and I are celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary, 5 YEARS!!!! I know compared to my grandparents who have shared over 60 years together, 5 does not seem that impressive, but I feel like we have reached our first milestone and I am EXCITED :) I am more in love with Justin today then I was when we were married. We have experienced a lot during these first years of our marriage: a house fire, LOTS of house renovations, job changes, and a birth :). During all these events and just from day to day, Justin has shown me compassion and patience, made me laugh, and shown me what it truly means to love someone. I am so looking forward to the next 5 years!!

Just for fun here we were 5 years ago...oooo, how young and silly we were!!

We spent the day together, mostly...Rose was with Grandma this morning to practice for when I return to work. Justin and I went out to breakfast and cleaned up the house during this time and after we picked Rose up, Laura took me and Rose shopping at Target. This evening the cousins and grandparents came up for dinner.
 All the cousins together!

Thanks to my sister for coming up again to offer us more support and advice!!

 Grandpa and baby Rose

Now on to Rose! What an exciting month this has been for her and her parents. Rose continues to develop her voice and loves to talk in her baby sounds. This makes me soooo excited!! I {LOVE} hearing her voice. She is continuing to develop more and more coordination and strength throughout her body. Although she now protests tummy time...she starts crying, but this is a fake cry as she turns it off as soon as she is placed on her back...I guess she is developing her personality!! Also since about a week ago she is playing more and more with her hands. Sleeping at night is going better overall too. Most nights Rose is going to bed between 8-9pm and waking once for a feeding before getting up for the day around 5:30 am.
Rose also had trial runs with nanna and grandma this past week which went well, no one was crying when we returned to pick her up anyway :) Both nanna and grandma have changed the cloth diapers and given bottles, so that is covered! I am returning to work on July 5, so I only have one more week with my little flower...I am not really happy about this, but I know Rose will be given undivided attention and love while I am at work.
Justin and I treasure our time with our  little girl and cannot believe two months have passed so quickly!!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! That was such a fun day...I can't believe 5 years has already passed.

    Going back to work is rough, but it will feel good once you get into that routine again. For me, the days leading up to returning (pretty much the last week in general), were worse that the actual day of return and I felt super anxious about it. Day 2 and 3 were sort of rough too because I kind of realized that, wow, this is our new 'normal.' We've got a great thing going now and I know Lena loves daycare and I love working.

    Just remember, no matter what you will always, ALWAYS be Rose's absolute favorite. Nothing will ever change that. :-) *hugs*