Wednesday, June 8, 2011

6 weeks and still alive!

I know the blogging has been a bit slow...right now there is laundry to fold, dishes to put away, and a lot of dog hair to be vacuumed, BUT I am holding Rose! I guess those other things will always need to be done and I don't want to miss a moment with my beautiful flower :) I realize now more than ever that parenting is the toughest and best job there is EVER! I will be heading back to work July 5, unless we win the lottery, so I am committed to enjoying this special time with my girl while it lasts.

So here we are past the 6 week mark! Rose is doing terrific. She smiles and is making all types of cooing sounds (I love these!). She continues to do well with tummy time and feeding. She is very interested in lights and likes hearing songs. She has been giving us 4-6 hour streches at night and goes back to sleep. She also takes good naps during the day. At night she sleeps in a wedge in our bed and during the day she is held.

This brings me to the two areas I did a 180 on: co-sleeping and pacifiers. I didn't think either were wrong or bad, just not things we were going to do... So with the paci we do try other things to sooth her first and I would like to get rid of it asap, but for now it's ok. The co-sleeping, though, doesn't bother me at all! Since I'm breastfeeding it actually makes it really easy. Besides I don't know of teenagers who sleep with their parents, so Rose will eventually sleep in her own bed :) when we're all ready!

On a happy note, all this holding, rocking, and bouncing has burned TONS of calories. If possible I think I in better shape then before I was pregnant!

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