Sunday, January 22, 2012

just a REALLY good day!

Today was just a really good day...Yesterday Justin was out plowing from about 5am until 4pm, so Rose and I had a pretty good day together, but it's not the same without daddy.
Today has just been one of those great winter days :)
It started out with just Rose and mommy, because daddy had to do a little salting, but by the time Rose was up and getting dressed, daddy was back home.
I feel like we got sooo much done today. I got all my floors mopped and Justin cleaned the bathrooms (I have to honestly say how much I love my hubby, I think since we have been married I have only cleaned the bathroom a handful of times :)
WE ALSO FOUND A HONDA KEY!! It is not the missing set of keys (so it would still be great if we found those), but we found the spare key, so at least we can use the car :)

Tahnee had some fun time in the snow...

 And we took Rose out for a little bit too...

We had planned on going to game night at church last evening, but with Justin being so tired from plowing we decided not to go last night. So today I baked the S'mores cookies I was going to take and wow, were these yummy (this was a recipe from These have been very addicting, I think I have had about 5 so far...

Earlier this week I made a White Ziti recipe also from, really you need to check out that site!

We were going to take Rose out this afternoon to just get her out of the house for a bit, but she fell asleep in the car, so we just went to Dunkin Donuts and drove around a little bit. It was fun for mommy and daddy :)

Oh and Rose has done some new things this weekend. She transitioned from laying on her tummy to sitting AND she pulled to stand. She only did each of these things once successfully, but she is practicing and VERY determined. She is also SOOOO close to cralwing...

(daddy was having  A LOT of fun in these pictures)

Plus there was football and I made cheesesteaks for dinner, so it was definitely a good day.

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    p.s. we love s'more cookies too! I think recipe got me the most response of any that I have ever posted on my blog!