Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

Another week! I can't believe how quickly January is going, mostly that we haven't had more snow :( The company I work for allows us to use our personal or vacation time to stay home when the weather is awful, but so far I haven't had to use any this year. If I don't use my personal time by the end of June I loose it, so I took 2 hours on Friday to spend a little more time with Rose even though there wasn't any snow :)

Even though, house projects have been moving at a snail's pace around here, things are getting done! Justin did finish Rose's book nook this weekend, now I just have to decorate it a bit more. I'm not sure if I want to frame some old children's book or get a wall decal about reading to put on the wall.

We also purchased a bath robe for Rose, I think this makes her look like such a big kid, where is my baby? Rose is enjoying her nightly yogurt with a story, hopefully this becomes a place where she loves to read.

Justin also spent time this weekend demolishing the ceiling and a wall in what will be our master bedroom. He *thinks* it will be ready by the that is constructions talk for sometime this summer, if you're lucky ;) Here's a panoramic view of the mess:

So while Justin was busy on the house, Rose and mommy had lots of time together. Saturday was a really easy day. After a family trip to the farmer's market, we went to music class. Rose was a totally different little girl this week. She stayed with the group the entire time and imitated lots of motions. We had a blast! Sunday was a bit different. She started out the day pretty happy and had a very productive speech therapy session, but it was downhill from there. Her nose stated running and except for when nana and papa visited, not much made her very happy this evening. Hopefully she gets a good night sleep and wakes up happy because we are home together tomorrow!

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