Sunday, January 27, 2013

21 Months!

Ok, so I guess I will go until 2 years with monthly updates…then we’ll see (I probably won’t be able to stop then either!)

First, Rose is definitely talking more. She is clearly responding to yes and no questions. I would give her credit for about 8-10 consistent words and then a bunch of other words that just pop out here and there. She is also working on learning a few more signs to make communication easier. Rose is also a master at shaking her head 'no', so we definitely know when she is not in favor of something. 

Rose is proficient with using utensils for about 80% of a meal and is drinking from mugs and water bottles J

She is starting to use just her fingers to hold crayons and markers and is imitating dots, lines, and even her attempt at a circle. She can also put beads on a pipe cleaner.

Rose will give a ‘high 5’ when asked and joins with others in clapping. She is also doing motions with songs such as Wheels on the Bus and Twinkle Twinkle. At our music class on Saturday mornings she enjoys clapping and stomping her feet with all the other kids. 

Right now Rose REALLY enjoys pretend play with her teapot and baby dolls. She also continues to love to play with water and be outside as much as possible no matter how cold.

Rose also got a recorder from her speech therapist and is able to blow through it to make her own music, I actually really love to hear it J

Rose is getting up and down stairs with minimal assistance; I think she just needs to be a little taller to hold the railing and then she could do it by herself.

Rose is full of personality. Part of that personality is doing what she wants, not what mommy wants to teach her. Rose can easily stack 5 small blocks, match several shapes, and point to requested colors…when she wants to.  Most of the time she just wants to empty her beans all over the floor and try to color on my walls, LOVE HER J

So I have 3 months to plan her second birthday…I have a theme and a list, so wish me luck!!! (Justin also needs a kick in the butt to get her present from us done, I have been planning it since I found Pinterest (yes, another plug for Pinterest) and now he is down to 3 months and I keep adding to it).

We celebrated this week sick and injured… Rose and I were sick and Justin was injured L
The whole week Rose and I have had a runny nose, she is getting much better; me, not so much. I will hold off on posting pictures of the large quantities of snot coming from our noses. Luckily there have been no fevers or other symptoms, so no flu here!

Justin must have been feeling left out of the sympathy, so on Wednesday he shot himself with a nail gun J After a trip to the emergency center to pull it out he ended up with stitches.

**A slight deviation here…he ended up with stitches in two places… He only had one nail in his thumb, but the doctor started to cut at the wrong place. This was not a huge oopsy, but just a reminder that doctors, like everyone else, are human, and do make mistakes. So if you have something serious you are going through, PLEASE get at least a second opinion (I’m pretty sure all insurances cover at least a second opinion, maybe even out of network?).

Anyway the upside for Justin is that he has gotten out of washing dishes since Wednesday J
UNTIL tonight, when we remembered we have gloves, so YAY for me J

And it was nice that he could resume his dish washing duties, because today was a heavy dishes day. Now I know that most pots and pans say ‘dishwasher safe’, but from my experience working at Bed Bath and Beyond, this is not recommended, so we wash all ours by hand. 

To make your mouths water...

I found a recipe on Pinterest for an Egg Ring (l I am not a big fan of store bought dough, but this really made breakfast quick and tasty. 

 We had a romantic dinner for 3 tonight :) Rose thought the candles were fun.

We had Salmon pinwheels stuffed with spinach and feta along with asparagus and rice. I actually was not a huge fan of the pinwheels. The other week I made Salmon with a honey mustard glaze that is really my favorite.

Dessert was Justin's request: Chocolate Lava Cakes. There's nothing to not like about these :)

I was also a little crafty this weekend and made a Valentine's Day wreath for our front door. I have TONS of Rose's finger painting and drawings, which I just can't throw away, so I am always looking for something fun to do with them. Here is what I came up with: they are hearts overlapped with a smaller heart with her hand prints in the center. I pasted everything to piece of cardboard. 

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