Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 off with a BANG (thud, swish, and other noises...)

While many people were out this past weekend for New Year’s, we were homebodies. Let’s face it we haven’t seen midnight in months and value our sleep while we can get it :) We were, however, very busy starting the New Year off with home projects!!

NEW BATHROOM!!! This is by far the most exciting project that is completed. We added a bathroom between the front two bedrooms, we are using one bedroom and the baby will have the other until the master bedroom and bathroom are completed...not this year.

Justin was supposed to refinish the original wainscoting, but convinced Heather this would save a lot of time and be a better use of time.
Heather found the light while go along with the faux tin ceiling.
We installed a fan/vent/light over the is absolutely terrific to be taking a shower or bath and have warm air blowing down on you!!
We reused a piece of furniture that was just sitting in the attic, but think the dark wood adds a nice contrast, especially with the vessel sink.
We had enough tile left from the kitchen floor to tile the entire bathroom floor, what a cost saver!!
Other projects we got done:

Justin completed the second floor stair landing

A shelf was hung in the nursery

The dog door was moved from the living room to the kitchen. We do not expect any problems until Baby Stillinger can play with toys at which point Tahnee will take them all and Glacier will bark at Baby Stillinger and Tahnee for playing with them :), but they are large dogs and baby’s are we have no intention of leaving them together without supervision. Also when people come to visit the dogs will not understand why they are not the center of attention. So we moved the dog door to allow for the dogs to have the kitchen area and access to the yard while being able to gate them from the living and dining rooms.

This week some touch ups and little items are getting completed and then it is on to refinishing the dining and living room floors!!!
(this is a before a couple weeks we'll see how they look!)

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