Sunday, January 30, 2011


 I was going to just take a picture of my naked tummy, but I was not sure if that would be gross to anyone...personally I think it is amazing how my body is changing to grow a new life :)

How far along?  28 weeks!! I have started my third trimester :) wooohooo
Maternity clothes?  It's still a mix....
Sleep?  Well I would still say good, however there have been increased trips to the bathroom, luckily it is attached so I don’t have to go far!
Best moment last week? Due to Justin refinishing the floors I spent the weekend with my parents and they did spoil me and baby.... :)
Movement?  It’s been pretty consistent for me. She is also getting big enough that I can just feel her move inside even when she is not kicking or poking me.
Food cravings? FOOD
Labor signs? None!
Belly button in/out? In, but out far enough that I was able to remove some lint that has been really bothering me...tmi, I know
What I miss: Really not missing anything right now
What I am looking forward to: Passing my glucose test
My thoughts: Wednesday (weather permitting) I have my 28 week visit and will be completing my glucose tolerance test at this appointment. Honestly I would be really surprised if I didn’t pass this test. Besides some runny noses and a couple bouts of eating something the baby didn’t like, I have felt really good this entire time. IF I do end up failing this test and then the 3 hour test, I am planning on trying really hard to just use diet to control the GD and not have to go on medicine...I will post more on this as soon as I find out the results!

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