Friday, January 14, 2011

Farewell Bed Bath and Beyond

Tomorrow is my last shift at Bed Bath and Beyond!! Although I am really happy to now have my weekends back, I will really miss my awesome co-workers and the great products I got at such good prices. In tribute to my over two years collecting Bed Bath and Beyond products here are my top 10 (in no particular order):

Down Comforter: This is SOOOOO much better then any synthetic material. I am a really warm sleeper and under other comforters I would get too hot; but with Down I stay warm, but my skin can breathe. Justin also loves the weight of the comforter and how cozy it is :)

Miele: I got this in one of my first incentives, so we have had it over two years now. We have had up to 5 large hairy dogs in our home at a time and this vacuum has NO problem keeping up! I like that it is a canister vac and that is is very light to carry up and down the stairs.

Kitchen Gadgets/Utensils: What can I say...during my time at BBB I have collected just about everything! My favorites are my: garlic press, cookie scoops, and icing spreader.

Tassimo: I did not buy this for myself, but as last year’s Christmas present for my parents. I was a bit unsure if they would really use it or not, but they LOVE it and use it everyday :)

Food Processor: I got a freebie from my parents to use about a year ago...I used it all the time and then it died :( So, Justin bought me a new one and it works great for pie dough, shredding cheese, and making lots of yummy stuff.

Curtains: I never really paid much attention to this home decorative accessory, UNTIL working at BBB. Now I know all about different fabrics, types, and uses...and I got some good deals for my own home.

Silpat Mats: THIS IS MY FAVORITE COOKIE ACCESSORY!!!!! No more spraying cookie sheets or having cookies stick to pans...and clean-up is quick and easy. These mats are the best :)

Electric Toothbrush: During the beginning of my pregnancy the only time I would feel nauseous was when brushing my teeth. I thought maybe if instead of a manual brush I used an electric this would help...well it didn’t, BUT Justin and I both love the toothbrush anyway!

OXO containers: This was one of my best buys, it was an ‘as is’ item because of the box....and THEN I got my discount on top! Besides being functional, it is really fun to pop the tops :)

Steam Mop: I was never a fan of the sponge mop and bucket, so when this Shark was on incentive I got one. We both love to use it and now with the baby coming we feel it is a great way to keep our floors clean without chemicals.

SO there you have it, now I will just have to save my 20% off coupons like everyone else!!!


  1. I was at Bed, Bath, and Beyond yesterday to buy a wedding shower gift, and I thought of you! I was hoping maybe I'd run into you, but having just caught up on your blog I see now why that wasn't possible. Hooray for you getting some time off before the baby! Will you be working afterwards or no? I'll sign in with my LiveJournal address so you know where to find my blog if you're interested in reading it. Hope you're doing well!

  2. I meant to respond to this post a long time ago but I kept forgetting about it!

    I have a lot of those things and love them too! Especially my steam mop, electric toothbrush, and silpat mat!

    I'm interested in hearing more about your vacuum sometime. Ours is ok (for now) but we will need to replace it at some point and I prefer canister vacuums to stand up ones but it is hard to find good canister vacuums, especially since Hoover bought out Elextrolux. I know Dyson makes one but I've heard it isn't nearly as good as their uprights. My Aunt Sally has all Miele appliances in her house and loves they carry that in the store or is it something that would have to be ordered?

  3. Keri- thanks!

    Andrea- I love the Miele...they are not carried in the store and would have to be ordered, but you can still use the coupon :)There are a bunch of models on the Miele website and reviews if you want to check them out more!