Monday, January 24, 2011

27 Weeks

How far along?  27 weeks
Maternity clothes?  It's still a mix....
this is a regular sweater, but as you can see, on it's own it really wouldn't cover this bump!!
Sleep?  Mostly good, no real complaints
Best moment last week? Being home all weekend :)
Movement?  Connie and Kate finally got to feel Baby S move around!!!
Food cravings? Just food in general
Labor signs? None!
Belly button in/out? She’s still in, but I don’t know how much longer
What I miss: Helping more with house projects...
What I am looking forward to: My third trimester will start on FRIDAY!!!
My thoughts: I was really happy when my MIL and SIL got to feel the baby move; I feel her throughout the day, but it seems like when I want other people to feel a kick she takes a nap :) Although how she is napping while Justin is sanding the floors I don’t know, but hopefully, this means she will be a good sleeper later on with the vacuum, dogs, train....and other crazy noises!

I have also really enjoyed my first free weekend!! Let’s see: I washed diapers, towels, jeans, whites, and more diapers :), baked brownies and mini pumpkin loaves, spent time with both sets of grandparents-to-be, had my yearly eye exam and ordered new glasses, bathed two dogs, took a nap :), watched football (both teams I predicted would win did...I'm gonna cheer for the Steelers in the Super Bowl), and supervised Justin sanding floors!!!!! woooohooooo :) and I don’t think I’m even nesting yet!

Sometime between now and Friday I will officially start my third trimester (there is some debate among books and websites, but the one I usually go with says 28 weeks...) either way the finish line is getting closer and closer. I have *completed* my registries...this has been really hard, because I work with parents and therapists who all have great advice on what are the BEST baby products, but I can’t just register for everything ;), I can’t help but think a baby doesn’t really need soooo much stuff...some food, sleep, and love! Anyway I have added, deleted, and updated my registries since about November...BUT my mom would like the shower to be a surprise, so I have promised not to check my registries from now until whenever the shower is... I registered at Target, Buy Buy Baby (they are owned by BBB and really a friendly store, but you can also use BBB and Babies R Us coupons at the stores or order at any BBB, sorry I guess I am still brainwashed by BBB), and The Nappy Shoppe ( SOOOO we’ll see what happens :) I am sure I have probably left something crucial off the registries, so hopefully a kind friend will just pick that item up for me! 

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