Thursday, February 24, 2011


How far along? 32 weeks, starting month number 8!!
Maternity clothes? It's still a mix....jeans and most shirts are maternity, but sweaters, sweatshirts, and comfy pants are still my own :)
Sleep? Ok, here’s the funny story with this...I have to make like 1-5 trips to the bathroom BEFORE I can fall asleep, but then I don’t wake up until morning...kind of weird right?
Best moment last week? to come
Movement? Kicks are getting stronger and I can feel her just moving
Food cravings? Peanut butter eggs
Labor signs? None!
Belly button in/out? IN, she is different then before, but still no signs of popping out :)
What I miss: My toes...can't see them anymore
What I am looking forward to: Each week is one week closer...
My thoughts:
Seriously I think I am a pretty lucky pregnant woman (thus far, anyway)...I was not terribly sick and besides having a runny nose and some nose bleeds, not much has changed for me. I have not (knock on wood) had constipation, heartburn, or swelling; those were the things I was dreading the most! I may still have some of those, but I still feel pretty fortunate that so far, so good :) I did notice this week that I am getting a bit winded at times. Justin has also stated in a very loving way that, ‘things have changed!’

Since about the second trimester Justin and I have been practicing reading to Rose. We have the collection of books that my parents read to me and my brother and have been working our way through the collection. Justin usually reads the story at night, last night was Beauty and the Beast, I think Rose really enjoyed that one ;) I usually read her a story during the day while sitting in the nursery. Usually I read Guess how much I Love You because I really like that book and it makes me feel close to my baby.

Our birthing class this week was on breastfeeding...Justin was a trooper :) Honestly, I am a little nervous about this, it seems there is so much that goes into getting everything working right and I really want to do it well! We plan on solely breastfeeding for the first 4-6 months before introducing any baby foods such as veggies and fruits.

Justin and I have also been working on our birth plan and coming home plan...nothing is set as definite since there are sooooo many variables, but we are talking about preferences if we have choices and planning for what we can control. We are on the same page about our first choice if all goes well for the birth and have started to discuss what life will be like after Rose arrives. We are going to try and keep everything as calm and low-key as possible afterward, since we will probably be totally overwhelmed anyway!! After the birth and we call the grandparents to meet Rose, Justin and I will head home with Rose to start our journey in parenthood. We realize many people will be excited to meet her and EVERYONE will have a chance to share in this special time, but it is also really important that Justin and I have time with our baby to bond and learn all about her. SOOOO, if you call or send us a message, please understand if we don't reply ;) Give us some time and we will let people know when we are ready for visitors :)

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