Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What a day!

Today was my 28 week visit (although tomorrow I am 29 weeks) and my glucose test. My appointment kept getting pushed back due to the weather and so finally I arrived at noon and got started. Honestly, the sugary drink wasn't so bad, kind of like a sweet 7-UP and that didn't bother me. The fun started after this...
SO my weight was only up two pounds. On the positive side I didn't loose anything, so that is good, but they still want me to gain around 15 lbs by week 40, that is more than a pound a week!! I AM EATING, I promise, but I will be doing my best to eat more. The baby is measuring right on track, so there is no concern with her size, but I need to be healthy too.
Then when they were listening to the heartbeat there was a drop. They said this could be due to different things and did not necessary mean there was any concern, but to be safe they asked that I go to the hospital for a fetal non stress test. By this time I was 10 minutes from being done with my glucose test, so I waited for my blood to be drawn. Well never has this happened to me, but when she went to take blood from my left arm, about halfway to finishing the first tube, it just stopped! So then I had to get the other tube taken from my right arm!
Ok, then I headed over the Reading Hospital, where I have not been a patient since 2005, so all my medical information was waaaaay off. I was hooked up for the stress test and really enjoyed getting to relax and just listen to my baby's heartbeat, but it did drop again...just a bit, but just to be safe, they gave me an ultrasound to measure my water levels. I was a little nervous this whole time, but all the nurses at the hospital were really nice! Anyway, so I got to have another ultrasound and we discovered a couple things...I have an anterior placenta (which is just were my placenta is located, but would explain why I feel movement a bit differently then people with placenta's located in other positions), also she is laying on my bladder (which explains my increase in trips to the bathroom), and finally that she really is a she!! So after the ultrasound they tabulated my water and I got a 10.6 which is in the normal range and apparently there was even more area, but something about the cord being in that area so they couldn't count it, however, if the baby would move then they could have counted it....I didn't really follow that. Also after all this fun she seemed to have woken up because when I was back on the monitors she was moving all around giving them the rise in heart rate they were looking for and then she settled back down to her baseline...all within normal ranges.
So my one hour glucose test turned into a 2 hour hospital visit, but I got to hear and see my baby and she is fine!! JUST GET OFF MY BLADDER :)

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  1. So glad that everything is ok! Get used to her being on your bladder, it'll be like that until she is born. After Lena was born I couldn't believe how it felt not to have to pee every five minutes!