Friday, December 10, 2010

21 weeks

How far along?  21 weeks
Maternity clothes?  It's still a mix...
Sleep?  Well last night I was tossing and turning a lot, but the rest of the week was pretty good
Best moment last week? The ultrasound and getting to see the baby and count her fingers and toes
Movement?  I FELT IT!!! It is sporadic, but I probably feel it a couple times a day and Justin was able to feel it once
Food cravings?  I think I have eaten most of the raspberry cake we bought to share the news with our parents...when it runs out I will be very sad...I feel like a donut craving is coming on...
Labor signs? None!
Belly button in/out? In, though Justin keeps teasing that it's coming out
What I miss: This coming weekend is the Christmas party at the Allentown Brew Works hosted by Justin's employer...last year I had a really yummy martini, but not this year :(
What I am looking forward to: long weekends for Christmas and New Years
Milestones: We felt the baby move!!!
My thoughts: I am now over the halfway point (the baby is considered full-term after 37 weeks, and I would be fine with her coming a little earlier), but this was a big milestone! It was soooo wonderful to have our ultrasound and get to see our little girl. I guess there is always a small chance that she will turn out to be a he, but the doctor seemed confident so I am just going to run with it :) I also had my regular visit this week and Justin and I are signed up for our childbirth classes this February and March. We were also asked to find a pediatrician, so we will have to start that after the holidays. For those of you wondering I have gained about 7 pounds so far and was told that gaining about 15 more pounds over the next 20 weeks would be good, I will do my best! On another note Justin said he *might* have the nursery painted by next weekend so then I could start decorating!! I have already started one project for the wall behind the crib and can't wait to get things all in place.

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