Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Introducing Rose Elizabeth Stillinger due to arrive April 22, 2011!!

Tonight we had all our parents over for the revealing (we had a delicious raspberry filled cake to share the news)...and it's a GIRL!! The doctor seemed very sure at the ultrasound so if it's not then we will be really surprised :) Our little girl will be named for a flower just like her mommy and her middle name is Heather's great-grandmother's middle name (Florence Elizabeth), who was a very important woman in both Heather and her mother's life. SO that is how we came up with the name! We we tried to make the name meaningful and simple (also something that is easily spelled/pronounced, but not too common). So now we can paint the room green and start finding cute items in pink and purple to decorate the room!
The ultrasound went really well and they even heated the gel that they put on Heather's stomach. Our little flower was moving all around and the doctor let us see the heart beat and count all her fingers and toes! Her measurements are just where she should be and he didn't see anything concerning. We are really starting to get excited now as we have seen a peak of her and can't wait to meet her in person!


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  2. this is the sweetest thing i've seen/read all week.