Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy Holidays 2010

Well we have never done a Christmas letter before, but now seems like a good time to here it goes!!
I think we would agree that 2010 was a year of some unexpected (but good) changes. First, Heather got a new job. After two and a half years she resigned from Bethany Children's Home as a social worker and is now employed by SAM Inc as a Service Coordinator for Early Intervention in Berks County. The change was definitely sad at times as Heather really enjoyed her coworkers and kids at Bethany, but the change has been good and Heather is enjoying the flexibility of her new job. The second big change, is the biggest and that is the pending arrival of the third member of our family, I guess really she will make us a family! Rose Elizabeth Stillinger is due to arrive on April 22, 2011 and while unexpected, she will be very welcomed and loved :) To make Justin happy here, we did have another addition to our family this year...Ruby the Red VW.
Justin is still working hard on remodeling our home. Now with a deadline of sorts he does seem to be more motivated! We are finishing up the front two bedrooms and adding a new bathroom. We also plan on refinishing the living room and dining rooms floors before Rose's arrival. If we get all that done we will feel in pretty good shape for now, although there are always more projects to work on...hopefully painting the outside this spring and summer...I guess by next year's letter we will know if that happened!
As this year comes to a close we feel very fortunate for much in our lives especially our family and friends. We are also really looking forward to 2011, after we get through the winter season, it will be spring and our little flower will arrive! We can't wait to share this exciting experience with everyone!
Happy Holidays!!
Justin and Heather

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